Hi guys,

The title tells the story today with most rivers now having some fantastic fish in them and hardly any anglers trying to catch them. Great fish have been pushed into most Taupo rivers after the stiff  westerly winds that we have received the last two days. Wind I must admit is no friend of mine but it does seem to get the fish into the rivers when conditions are far from favourable for spawning trout. All rivers need heaps of rain and if we don’t get it soon there will be some rivers which will be greatly effected by the the lack of the flow and the abundance of slime taking up residence of most rocks.

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The best results that I have heard of the last few days have come from the Waitahanuie and the Tauranga Taupo both of which were very positive with some lovely fish pushing through. There is hardly any water in the TT but with the mouth of the river loading up with fish eventually a few have trickled in, again the wind giving them the confidence. Night fisherman have been reporting some awesome fishing on the drop off of the TT with plenty of fish in the 4lb range which are built like footballs and carry wonderful orange flesh. This is a fantastic time to fish such deep drop offs as you can really get out to the best water with the lake levels being so low. Fast sinking lines are best to use here rigged up with a short leader and heave and leave type flies retrieved dead slow.

Closer back to Taupo you will have the same sort of fishing at the mouth of the Waitahanuie again night time being the key to consistant fishing for the best fish. I took  a stroll with rod down the straight the other day while it was blowing 600 knots and was amazed at how skinny the straight has become over the past few months. Being such a sandy spit this area is regually changing around with higher water levels and heavy westerly winds so one must be consistantly fishing here to really now the best lies.

Spent today with a good friend and ex client of mine Paul Dyson on the mighty Tongariro and had quite a steady day with enough fish to keep us interested. We fished anywhere and everywhere as there were just no anglers about today which is a real shame as the fish quality is high and the rewards great. We covered a fair bit of water but both being fit and abled anglers we did not mind fishing through the quiet areas and concentrating on pools which were producing. Long leaders and small nymphs worked well for me with the Quasimodo nymph again being a nymph which really stood out above the rest-probably because I fished it the most though. Conditions were bright and sunny and I noticed about 6 fish in various pools still feeding on the surface so there is still some dry fly for you surface fishers.

I caught a Brownie today in a place that I have never caught one before and using a method which you see quite often but usually with no success. Paul and I spotted a brown in the pool below the Major Jones bridge so with Paul on the bridge and me below we decided to have a go at him. I could not see a thing when I arrived at the water edge and just went on the guidance from Paul on where I should place my cast as he obviously had a fantastic birds eye view. I must have put twenty casts over the fish without a look so I decided to change to the good old orange glo bug as this really works well with angry jacks. I knew where he was roughly and fired a long cast well above him so my rig would be visible to him which he picked up straight away and smashed it like there was no tomorrow.

Paul was lucky to see all the action from the fish moving to the fly to me hooking him up and him screaming all around the pool and down to the Breakfast pool where I landed him. This brownie was different to most and spent a lot of time in the air before tailing it down the rapid to the next pool which is unusual for sizable Tongariro browns.

All in all a great day on the water fishing at a relaxed mode with a great friend and our two dogs which I hope we can do a little more in the winter with some spawning silver bullets. Watch the weather guys because that first flood down the river combined with some bad weather will push a huge run through, this will be one you dont want to miss.

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