Hi guys,

Today will be the last day of nice weather as there is another low on the way carrying plenty of bad weather for the North Island which should result in rain. It was a frosty cold start this morning and which really brings back memories of when I was young and keen and would think nothing of standing in the picket fence with aching fingers and the line frozen to the eyes of my old rod. This morning I watch the ice glistening on the car in the driveway as I sip coffee wondering if any fish were caught -how things change!

If you fished the Taupo rivers and in particular the Tongariro over the weekend you would have had a good weekend with fresh fish in most pools. I had the pleasure of guiding Saturday morning and had a great session between Judges and the Stag which resulted in some small fresh silver fish with the odd 4lb bullet which was kept for good eating. All fish were caught on small orange glo bugs trailed behind a heavy bomb which is now needed as the river seems to have a little more life to it with the extra cumecs. It seems that the rocks are slightly less slippery and the recent rained has washed alot of the summer slime to the lake which is great news for most. You may want to be a little more careful when making your usual crossings as some of the river has changed and like I said it has more life. The Tongariro is in great condition at present and will get another run of fish this week.

The TT and Hine certainly received some pressure over the last few days since the rivers cleared but if you were not there in the dark you missed out on getting a first line through the pool, it was crazy. This is the norm for weekend fishing after rain when the runs are expected to be going through and to be honest I don’t blame you for wanting a piece of the action. Those who did fish either of these places did fairly well early in the day with the fish pretty much moved high in the river by Sunday afternoon. Some great specimens came out with the fish much better than last year which as always is very encouraging.

Lake O had it’s last weekend of fishing for the year as it will know be closed for spawning and wont open now till later in the season. This lake really has fished well this past season and most anglers may not have experienced the size of fish that they are used to but certainly the numbers of fish were there. I think I would rarther catch more small fish in the 4lb range than fish all day for nothing so the fishery for me at the moment is perfect-I know it’s not what everyone would like though.

I did not fish the rips over the weekend but with the new  moon phase on the way and some rain they should start to fire as fish start to move into the rivers again. The Waimarino mouth looks fantastic at the moment with a nice long deep rip giving plenty of room for many fisherman. While fishing here care must be taken as this drops straight down and with most anglers wearing winter waders it might be hard to get back to the safe stuff-take care!

I am flat out guiding at the end of the week but do have a few days to explore the rivers this early on so I should be able to fill you on how the rivers are looking for this coming weekend. With rain expected and cold conditions I am going to assume that fish will be naturally filtering into the rivers now and anglers should expect to catch something somewhere most days.

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