Hi again,

Ok, ok I know I have been mega slack on the reports but Ihave  just enjoyed the past 4 days Duck shooting in various parts of New Zealand but with a few jobs on the cards this week we are back and live with reports. The Duck shooting was amazing and a nice change from the trout fishing and with a young dog it was a pleasure to watch him work and perform what he was bred for. I am sure most of you in New Zealand would have heard or been close to some duck shooting over the past week but things should quieten down in the next few days and most water ways will again be peaceful.

Prior to the ducks I fished quite a lot in the bakcountry and targeted rivers such as the Waipunga, Mohaka, Wanganui and the Whakapapa which all produced big fat fish which are getting ready for this winters spawning. If I only had one month to fish in New Zealand this is  the month that I would choose as all backcountry rivers have great quality fish in it and they are schooling up in the larger pools waiting for something to happen with the opposite sex and the Taupo fishery with the help with some rain should see some big runs coming through soon.

The Waipunga and Mohaka has some really hard fighting fish in them at the moment and with a typical nymphing rig these fish will give you some awesome sport. I fished the Waipunga a week ago and we did not get a trout under 4lb which makes for a fantastic day. The highlight for the day was the 2 metre eel we caught and released, these things are massive in here and make you think twice when having to cross the river.

I guided this morning on the Tongariro and had 5 good trout to the bank which was a great result considering the 40 knot westerly which was blowing straight down the river. Peter had been fishing the Tongariro for nearly four days and had not managed to catch a trout despite many efforts with different rigs and plenty of local advice. Finally he made the call to get a guide for a half day and sort out where he was going wrong which was easy fixed by simply fishing with a little more weight and concentrating on lies not pools.

A lot of anglers are put of by the Tongariro just because of it’s size but if you break it down to small runs which will hold trout and learn to read water it is no harder to fish than any other smaller river. At the moment I think it is the pick of the rivers as it holds the best amount of water and has the odd group of fish moving in when the weather allows them.

I have been visiting the Tauranga Taupo mouth over the past few weeks and have seen some huge fish come in from various anglers. This is by far the most productive river mouth at the moment purely due to the lake being so low which is allowing anglers to get right out to the lip and get those lines down deep quickly. There has been fish taken all day here using heave and leave glo bugs but the best time is late at night using lumo patterns retrieved very slowly. I personally think you need a 400 grain shooting head to really get your fly in the right place here which might be too heavy for most places but perfect for here-DO NOT FALL OVER THIS LIP!! Fish being taken from the lake this year have been far better than in the past and we should see this in the spawning runs this year in rivers through out Taupo.

With heavy winds on the lake over the past couple of days I would assume that the Waitahanui will have some fresh run Rainbows in the lower reaches. The westerly winds always bring a few fish into the straight and by the amount of locals on the front over the past 24 hours I would say they were in there for the taking. This is my favourite time to sneak up the river in the lower pools with a glo bug and get a few prime trout for the smoker, this river has some of the best fish in Taupo.

As I said early in the report this is the last month to get into some of those really great rivers which I can offer you and with this week already full be sure to get in contact and book your adventure before the harsh winter. A regular client of mine has just done that and on Monday we will be venturing into the headwaters of the Wanganui using the quads-CANT WAIT will keep you posted!!

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