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Following last weeks down pour of rain and wintry conditions it finally happened and anglers which ventured out in some awful conditions caught some fantastic fish. Angling pressure was huge and most pools were occupied over the weekend by 8am in the morning so getting up and out sometimes will be crucial. I saw most anglers carrying trout or at least they had stories of solid hook up’s and plenty of mid stream releases which still count as we let most of them go anyway don’t we!

Fish were the best that I have seen for years and it reminded me of fishing with my father 10 years ago and witnessing Dad letting 4lb fish go because they were too small. There were heaps of fish caught in the 5lb bracket and I heard of a couple of Browns which tipped the scales at ten pound so it is good to hear that there are still a few of these monsters cruising the town pools. All fish that I caught with my clients were not that good but I was out Saturday morning and the run of fish did not go through till late Sat afternoon and Sunday. If you want to see proof of these fish that have been caught over the weekend take a look at Ross’s website and check out what we can expert over the next 4 months.

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The Tongariro is in perfect condition and the water that we have had down it over the past three days has done it the world of good. The best bit about it is that it has remained a little higher and with more un settled weather on the way we should see another push of Rainbows through in the next few days. Over the weekend I took all my trout on orange glo bugs and would assume that this fly will remain on my rig for the next few months. Guess what those big browns were caught on?? Yip you got it-orange glo bugs. I remember when I first started guiding there were quite  few guys which said browns wont touch glo bugs and if anything you will scare them away with bright colored flies. I agree with this theory in the backcountry rivers but strongly disagree with this in Taupo rivers as most of my browns this year were taken with big orange glo bugs. Dirty water will also help these flies fish well but with most fish in the river for spawning reasons they are one of the first flies to be tied on my line.

I had a great chat with a guy which does alot of fishing in Rotorua the other day (poor fella) and he explained to me in detail when he thinks the fish run up rivers which actually made alot of scence. In the past we have hung out for the first good flood in winter to really get the fish moving and run into the main river to spawn but he reakons that the first good flood only pulls them to the mouth and it is not till the second good flood that they actually move into the river. With the first good flood it usually sends the necessary smells deep into the lake which excites the trout and reminds them of what they are supposed to do in winter which then draws them closer to the source being the river mouth.

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The second flood comes through and thats when they actually pile into the lower river and make their way to the best spawning grounds high in the river. Going on this theory we should be in line for an even bigger run with the next set of bad weather which is on it’s way so get that leave booked in and get up to Turangi for a few days filled of awesome sport.

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