Hi guys,

Taupo rivers are fishing very well at present with most of them holding more water after last weeks down pour of rain. The Tongariro has dropped to a wadable level but it has received a good wash out and most of that slimy stuff from summer has been washed to the lake making for slightly easier wading and crossing. I briefly fished it on Tuesday morning and saw many fish caught from the road bridge up to the Birch pool which all seemed to be pretty good fish with the odd Brown mixed in with the Rainbows.

The water still had a slight tinge to it and a glo bug worked very well fished under a fairly substantial Tongariro bomb which will no doubt be the fished most of the winter season. I’m sure you all have seen some of the trout which have been caught over the last few weeks from river mouths to small creeks of Taupo and will agree that the fishery is looking very healthy for the next few months.

I guided on Lake O from the boat on Tuesday afternoon and had a great session hooking into 5 good fish over 5 lb while fishing the edge of the weed with a  slowly retrieved Wooly Bugger. My two clients John and John in the past had struggled with Lake O but were good fisherman and when put in the right spot had no problem luring these bruts out from the weeds to entice a strike. Lake O is such  a hot and cold place it really is just luck and if you hit it right you will have some amazing fishing but if you hit it wrong it can leave a sour taste in your mouth while wondering what went so wrong.

I had a very interesting day yesterday which ended with me getting home at 9pm cold, wet, exhausted but so pleased that I had made the effort to do a rece which I have been meaning to explore for so long. As you an see from the photo’s of myself and Kunio which owns Mountain View Motel in Taupo we went backcountry and had the time of our lifes. I am very glad we did this rece as it was a long day and hard going and if I am to use this trip for clients it will need to be fine tuned as the stretch I decided to explore was far too long for the average fisherman. As you can see the fishing was the best I have had this season and the size and quality of fish was very good just as they should be at this time of year leading up to the end of the summer fishing.

It was a cold frosty start high in the mountains and it was not till I boiled the billy on the river bank that I was actually going to have a hope in hell of tying my tapered leader and arranging some flies to suit. My nose was dribbling and fingers throbbed from the cold but it was not going to stop me from getting that line in the water as quickly as possible as the water was just screaming fish me! As I had not fished this water before I played it safe and went for a long leader a decently weighted front fly and a Quasimodo of the back which should work in every river in New Zealand. I fished my feet first before shooting a long line to the head of the pool which was a bubbly mess of oxygenated water, suddenly my indicator twitched and I was hooked into the first fish of the day which was  a pretty Brown.

Kunio was next up and spent no time in hooking and landing his first hard fighting backcountry rainbow from this truly amazing piece of New Zealand which most of us take for granted. Kunio is Japanese and has lived here since January and it is not till you meet someone like this guy which tells you what it is like to live elsewhere that you actually start to respect and treasure what we have on our backdoor step. I think Kunio is still scared of so much space and freedom and feels guilty not to be working 18 hours per day in a busy frantic lifestyle.

Throughout the day we wondered up the river at our own pace fishing all available water and taking turns at the best pools in  a fish for fish sort of deal. There were trout in every pool and we probably hooked a fish in most of the pools we fished but as they were in such good condition and quite a good size there were plenty of mid stream releasing going on.

The brownies were generally larger fish but also very wary of anything wielding a fly rod and we actually only managed one of these fish which tells me our stalking and presenting skills need some work. They occupied the slower backwaters which needed a drag free drift and no indicator which was just a pain in the butt with so much water to cover and plenty of Rainbows to catch. This river would be amazing in the summer as some of the water had lovely bubble lines in them and was just begging to have a Para Adams or something slowly drift through them. I kept my eyes peeled all day for any surface activity but with the mist staying low and sun not really coming through there were not hatches of any type to get the fish to the surface and actively feeding.

Lunchtime came about pretty quickly and with ten fish landed and just as many broken of or escaped I felt sure that this would be a place which I would do alot of guiding in next season. Like all rece’s where I was supposed to be getting out was playing on the mind a we bit but with google earth memories I was looking out for a significant land mark so we kept fishing. The deeper we got into this river the better the scenery became and with that the fishing was just as good as when we started so we were having a great old time.

Afternoon passed as quickly as it had come about and at about 4pm I started to get a little worried that I had bitten of a bit too much and was starting to really hope that our out point was just around the corner. Rod’s were packed up and pool after pool of lovely water was walked past in hope that we were only just around the corner and we would get of the river and cut back to the car. Eventually after many slippery rocks  and deep rapids we got to the outpoint moments before dark and made our way through the srubb with headlamps. This was starting to hurt and not knowing how far we had to go I was starting to get worried and hoped we were heading in the right direction of the vehicle, Kunio did not have a care in the world but kept trying to get me to stop an look at the stars with him another thing we take for granted.

We eventually made it to a grassy clearing and I have never been so pleased to see my old wagon, this meant I would not have to cuddle up to an asian for a night  but get home to a warm bed. As I said we got back to Taupo at 9pm but had an amazing experience which with some fine tuning will be an awesome water to fish next season-that’s why we do rece’s.

I would not guide clients here if they were not fit and strong as there is a bit of walking, deep crossings and plenty of slippery rocks which will make the day hard for most anglers. At the end of the day it does not matter how great the fishing is you still need to make it home in one piece to tell the stories.

I dont think this part of the river gets fished very much at all if at all, so if there is any fit persons out there which would like to make the trip into here next season be sure to give me a ring as the fishing is out of this world.

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