Hi guys,

Currently it is raining very hard here in taupo and we received similar spells of weather during the night so our rivers should be slowly rising. As most of you all know rain is a big thing to us winter fisherman here in Taupo as it should mean we will see another strong run of fish into all our local rivers. It is also reported that this band of weather is carrying the biggest LOW that we have seen for nearly two years-perfect for trout to run.

The last bad spell of weather we received put good fish into the Hine, TT and Tongariro and as this time we are receiving more rain I can only imagine that this next run will be much better than the last. The trout in Taupo this year are in fantastic condition and it’s weather conditions like this that will expose the best of the best. I am really interested to read some of the articles in magazines and papers in the next few months and see what they have to say about our trout as they certainly had alot to say when things were not so good.

I have spent quite alot of time on the river over the past week with clients ironing out winter fishing methods and where they should target fresh fish and we have had some varied but quite good fishing. I missed the best of the last run but did manged to catch up with some very silver fish on Saturday in the Big Bend which I think may have been from this same group of fish. Sean from Tirau who I have guided twice now manged to hook and land his largest fish to date which was an older brown which grabbed a small size #16 Quasimodo.

Mark Osuna who I have guided every 3 months for the last two years had a great day on Saturday landing 6 and loosing 4 all through out the Tongariro fishing a classic nymphing rig with again a small Quasimoo attatched. Mark is one of my best clients as he is in NZ from America on work and always finds a day to spend with me on different rivers, next month we will bo going somewhere a little special I hope.

I was not able to fish it but the Hine had some large fish in it last week but apparently they moved through very quickly not giving the angler much of a chance to get a fly out and past the snags at them. Another guide reported catching fish up to 8lb and plenty around 6lb so with this rain lets hope we see the same run again in here.

I have heard no reports from the Waitahanuie but with very little westerly wind I think it may still be fairly quiet here with just the odd fish being pulled from lower pools. I did hear that the river did still have a few big browns in here which would be worth chasing with orange glo bugs.

The river mouths have again been fishing well with the outstanding mouth being the TT closely followed by the Waimarino. As the lake is quite low at the moment we can still get out to the drop and get our flies to where the fish are sitting spurring them into an attack on a slowly retrieved boobbie fly. Again these fish are a good example of what will be in the rivers this year and we should all be fairly excited from this evidence.

Just a quick report today for you all but it is fairly obvious where you may want to be heading if you have any spare time this week when the rain eases and the river drops.

Thanks guys