Hi guys

All rivers in the Taupo region and most of all NZ have been well up for a few days but are starting to look all the better for the rain they have received. I did have some good jobs involving backcountry work over the past couple of days but were not able to do them as all rivers we wanted to access were blown out. I am guiding the Tongariro first thing in the morning and I have high hopes that the river is now holding solid silver fish spurred in by the high fresh water.

The conditions we have just received is perfect for fish to enter the rivers and I would assume this will really kick of our winter season and we will from now on continualy see fish trickling through. I have ventured out over the past couple of days but seem to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and was told ” should have been here yesterday” how many times in a season do you hear that.

The Tongarrio before it coloured up was producing  a few silver fish and I was able to get a few nymphing a glo bug in the braided area below the lodge. The Honeypot is a great piece of water at the moment and I have been catching fish in here quite regulaly the last few trips. Generally the fish in this pool are very good strong specimans and you will not usually catch slabs or poor condition fish as this is big water and will only hold fish which are strong.

I have not had a good week in the local rips and have not seen many fish taken which is weird considering the conditions as there should have been fish entering the rivers or at least looking to get in. We have a full moon at the moment and maybe there will be a better push when the dark nights set over the lake again.

Different anglers have had mixed bags in the smaller rivers with the best being the Hine or the TT but as they have all year the fish seem to be moving through very quick. Unfortunatley it is hard to locate these fish at the moment and is a case of being on the pool at the right time when they are resting. Makesure you are getting down to the fish too many anglers are not fishing with enough weight and simply are not putting the fly where the fish are!! Had to smile at Shanes report this week I have the same problem or funny looks when other purist anglers look at me strangely when squeezing on split shot….advice is free guys.

The weekend warriors will be rolling into town as I write this and with the pitta patter on the roof I’m sure the winter boys will be on all the famous spots at first light. I will be making a reasonbly early start to try and get my client through a pool first and this will be continue all winter when guiding as I find it important. Just a quick report tonight and with a bit of luck will have something slightly more positive to report about on Monday depending on how the weekend goes.

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