Hi guys,

Plenty of rain continues to fall in the central North Island making things a little hard to get into your perfect possie due to rising or high water levels. Most Taupo rivers have been up or in flood over the past week and I should think that the backcountry would be just as hard to access safely.

All is not bad though as many of you are well aware that rain and high water will only improve the winter fishing and spurr more fish into the rivers giving you some great sport in the long run. The Tongariro and TT were both unfishable today but should fish very well over the weekend with Sunday being my prediction to fish best. There surely should be plenty of fresh fish in the lower reaches as we speak and I will be expecting to see these fish about the town pools in the next few days. Glo bugs will be on the menu for most fish and it will just be a matter of getting them down deep enough for a fresh fish to spot it and spurr a strike.

The Waitahanuie will have good fish scattered through out aswell and with the westerly wind now blowing in on the mouth it should be holding reasonable numbers of trout. The locals have been giving the straight a work over the past few mornings so it might pay to sneak up the river a bit to escape the fished out pools. The rip has been really disappointing over the past ten days since the last decent rain blew out the mouth and left it shallow and not real inspiring to fish at all. I think you could probably walk out 200 metres at the moment without going over your chest so I dont think it is real inviting for trout to sit and wait to run in this depth of water.

The Hine has been on fire with good fish coming from this water everyday with the higher dirty conditions. Trout seem to be moving very fast through this system at the moment and anglers should take advantage of the winter season limit being higher and follow them up. I had a fantastic session there on Thursday with 10 good fish to the net and many other that did not come close to getting caught. I think myself lucky if I land 50 % of fish in this river and really advice using heavier breaking strain line and plenty of split shot as this river eats flies. The key to fishing at the moment is to keep those legs moving as there are a heap of keen anglers out and about chasing those silver bullets. Most available spots on the rivers have been taken up fairly early in the day and even some of my little secrets have had anglers in them so it is time to seek new ground.

Taupo rivers should hopefully be back to a fishable level tomorrow and the weekend should be red hot for most guys that make the trip up. Angling pressure will be heavy but with the bigger rivers being fishable there should be plenty of room for everyone.

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