Hi again

Still Taupo is receiving patchy rain and overcast conditions followed up with some dirty westerly wind which is all good for the local rivers. The mountain has a good coating of snow now and finally it is starting to feel and look like winter. I have only fished the Hine this morning but the Waitahanui and Tongariro should both be very fishable with the TT probaly a bit high for the next day or so.

I have the dreded flu at the moment and I really wanted to hit the Tongariro but with waking up late and feeling like I had a hangover,I didn’t make it out of bed till 8am so decided to pop down to the Hine and see if any fresh fish had pushed in. As usuall the car park below the bridge had 7 cars in it and most of the water would have been well and truly picked over by the Taupo boys so me and Kunio headed up river.

We seemed to be the only car up river and had the choice of which ever turning we wanted and it was not long before we were both hooked up into good trout. The fish up here are generally slightly darker as they have been in for a day or two but there was the odd very fresh hen mixed in them as-well. I hooked 7 fish quite quickly with most escaping down the river as the Hine is carrying alot of water at the moment and the fish really know how to use that extra flow to their advantage. This river has really been fantastic over the past few weeks and is fishing in my opinion much better than the last couple of years. Most fish are not huge but would be averaging 3lb with very good condition factors and eating qualities.

The westerly wind is battering the beach at Waitahanui at the moment and while I was driving home I saw about 15 anglers in the straight which two were hooked up into fish so there has been a good run go in this river today. I wish these fish would run into the river at night and atleast get a chance to get past the glo bugs and reach somewhere to spawn as I’m sure these guys pull alot of trout out which only just enter the river. The middle reaches should be worth a look in the next few days and you should have alot of the river to yourself.

The TT will be awesome in the next couple of days if we dont get anymore rain but it will pay to be there early as there will be a good number of anglers with the same plan I should imagine. The lower reaches will fish very well and using a nymphing rig with a glo bug should account for most fish in here. Remember that when fishing at this time of year getting down to your fish is as important as the fly and with the extra flow you may need to alter your rig slightly to achieve this.

I have not got any reports from the Tonga’s but I feel sure that the river would have seen it’s fare share of fish run in here following the latest high levels. I would try fishing in front of the lodge to start with and then push up around the Hydro if you don’t find them down low. With levels high for a few days they would have had good opportunity to get up high and spread out a bit so you may need to search about to find them. Watch out for the big Browns I feel sure we have not seen the end of them yet so try wetlining pools like the Hydro or Admirals to have the best chance of hooking into one of these trophies and fish your feet first.

I am not sure if we have had any change in the regulations of what we can use to fish with in the Hine lately but as you can see from the picture some anglers are using methods which probably don’t come under the artificial fly only rule!! Spinners are a great way to catch trout and any ediot can come into a spawning stream and throw these lumps of lead about and do well but it takes true skill and real fisherman to cast a fly and fool  a trout with a fly they tied. As you can see these lures are freshly lost as they are not rusted at all so it makes me think that some night time action has been going down on this precious little stream so keep your eyes peeled. If you have lost these lures they are in the hands of Doc and I am sure they will be pleased to meet you at their offices when picking them up. Lures were found all in the same brambles two pools up from the bridge.

Tight lines guys