Hi again,

As you can see from the local websites and information gathered from fishing stores the Taupo winter fishery is in full swing and looking very good indeed. Most anglers have had a great time with fresh fish now scattered throughout all the main rivers and those who have not had any luck simply are not doing it right. Angling pressure is high but with as many fish that are about at the moment it is not a problem for most.

The Taupo fishery over the past few years has received bad feed back from anglers regarding fish numbers , size and condition but should surely be silenced by the amazing fish that are turning up in our rivers at the moment. The past couple of weeks we have had some fairly average weather conditions with plenty of rain which has allowed big groups of trout to run into the rivers giving anglers solid fishing most days. I have personally seen heaps of great conditioned fish from all river systems with some outstanding specimens from the Tongariro and Hine. Fish are generally weighing in at about 3-4 lb but plenty are being hooked and landed up to 8lb which is a beast of a trout in anyone’s books.

I have had some fantastic clients over the past week and we have had plenty of good fish by simply getting up early and hitting those pools early before 9am. Peter who travels here from Aus quite often had a awesome day on both the Hine and Tongariro landing over 12 good trout with the best being a wonderful Brown which fell for a small well presented Quasimodo. As you can see from the photo this was one serious fish and proves to you that Browns are still running through the system quite late and you can still target them.

Peter hooked 3 browns in the same pool which all gave massive fights before either busting of or getting away down the rapid  but as you can see one let us photograph it before it’s release. Peter is a fantastic angler and had no problems putting the fly in the river where I asked him to but had struggled with the fishing for days before getting me out for half a day. To really have good days in the winter it pays to learn how to cast weight, read water and get up and at them early!!

The Tongariro is in fantastic condition following the recent extra flows and the rocks are gleaming new with all that summer slime now washed back to the lake. I have not seen this river looking so good and cant wait to see what it produces over the next few weeks.

The Tongarrio is a big piece of water and quite alot of anglers are still intimidated by the amount of water they must cover but if you treat it like any other river and break a pool down to main lies you will find fish very quickly. Quite often anglers will assume the Tongarrio has not had the amount of fish through it that others have but it’s simply they are more spread out and therfore harder to find for most. The Tongariro is the place to be at the moment and you should all be here to enjoy what it has to offer.

I am very impressed with the Hine this year and although it is currently getting a flogging by anglers there still seems to be good numbers available to those who know the water and how to fish it. I am slowly learning this place and getting better results every time I fish here but there is still heaps of water to discover and master before I stop loosing flies in here. I fished here this morning with Brad and Dave from Ireland and had great fishing above the bridge at first light landing some lovely silver fish on glo bugs.

It does not seem to matter what colour glo bug in here when that’s what they want but you must make sure you are getting those flies down deep fast so you can fish the bottom of the run properly. Big glo bugs are good to use in here as they will grab it just the same as a small one but you will also have a decent hold on him due to the gap in the hook being generous. The lower river is receiving some serious attention after light and at times it pays to move about and think outside the square and find a piece of water which has not been touched. Getting up and out of bed is very important in the winter  as the early bird catches the trout it seems.

The Waytahanuie should have healthy numbers of fish in currently as the westerly wind has been hounding the beach the last two days which should move trout in the river. I saw the locals out in force this morning and they were still there when I was going home so there must have been some action to be had. Again taking a walk up river from the road will pay of as you can fish in peace and probably not see another angler.

I was visting several mates in Turangi the other day and smelt different smokers going flat out in peoples backyards so this can only mean one thing and that is that anglers are going well on the rivers-time is now guys get up here.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas