Hi guys,

Well what a wonderful start to the winter season we are having here in Taupo!! All rivers are producing good fish every day with nearly all anglers connecting to fish at some stage of the day. There are still alot of anglers fishing some interesting combinations at the moment but there seems to be plenty of fish in the river and eventually one will grab it.

If you are in the ten percent that fish rivers well and use the correct equipment you will be hooking into fish most pools especially if you are there first thing in the morning getting that important first drift through the main lies. I have been up and out most mornings over the past week and have been home by 9am with at-least 5 or 6 under my belt and some lovely red fleshed for the smoker. I also cruised down the Hine yesterday afternoon at 3pm and fished the same pools I covered in the morning and again had the same results with silver bullets snapping up most well drifted glo bugs suspended from heavy front flies.

This river seems to be having huge surges of trout at the moment and they can even be caught late in the day if you fish the places that most anglers walk pat or put in the too hard basket. This river is receiving some serious fishing pressure and crowds may put you of but if you have confidence in your fishing and do something outside the square you will come up trumps every-time.

I have heard of some trout being caught in the TT but it seems to be a bit patchy and with all that rain and discoloured water I expected the locals to be raving about it but instead they are very quiet-maybe for good reason? The lower reaches should be holding fish first thing in the morning and the upper reaches should be filling up so a good day could be had on here with a bit of walking.

The Tongariro is again fishing well and every angler I have spoken to through the shop and over emails have found fish in here especially around the braids and lower river which is a good sign that things are starting to move for this river. Traditionally the Hine fires early in the season like it is at the moment and the other rivers follow a few weeks later so hopefully this is the start of a fantastic season for the mighty river.

Winter methods are accounting for most fish in here with fishing glo bugs in the morning and moving to naturals during the day if things slow down for you. Brian Topp has again restocked my fly box with a little purple number which seems to be deadly on Rainbows as they love a bit of colour.

Jaws was caught yesterday. A friend from the South Island who lives here for two months of the year was wet lining the Hydro yesterday and has removed the largest fish I have heard of being caught since I have been fishing here. It was a Brown Jack in top condition and tipped the scales at 13 pound 9 ounces and is now being mounted by Rick Jenkins and will forever be in memory of this lucky,lucky angler. The beast took over 30 minutes to land and although did not pull alot of thread was very hard to move and was finally beaten with South Island Salmon fishing techniques  by keeping a low rod and applying alot of pressure.

The Hydro this season has been in top form and many browns are sitting in here that have pushed up from the last flood and seem to be sitting at the base of the stream which runs into here. This is typically very late for spawning browns but as you can see with the right conditions they will appear. This season will without a doubt go down as a huge turning point in our fishery and be remebered for quite some time hopefully being backed up with another next season.

There is a small fishing comp being run this weekend on the Waytoohardanui so there should be a quite a few anglers fishing most of the river here. The river has not had a good run of fish despite perfect conditions so things should prove difficult for most, maybe they will sneak down to the Hine!

Seriously guys if you want to hook into fish and take good fish home for the smoker you need to be here now! Take a sicky and get up here for some mid week fishing as weekends are usually very busy at the moment. Taupo fishery is back and things are looking fantastic, be apart of it!

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas