Hi guys,

Well despite the awesome fishing during the week most anglers found the rivers relatively tough with all rivers back to winter levels. We received a heap of rain on Friday night and all day Saturday which may encourage a small run on Sunday or maybe Monday which will top things up nicely. Rivers are generally running clear and at their natural levels so now is time to get smart with your fishing and go stealth mode.

Fish that are still holding in places that anglers can get at them are relatively shy and have seen heaps of maxima line and glo bugs over the past week and are starting to become wary of any ill presented fly or drift. I would be using flurocarbon in my last two feet of my leader or atleast off the back fly. Glo bugs will still work on these fish but try slightly smaller ones than you have been-maybe a size #14. If nothing seems interested after that crack into never fail patterns like the PT variants, Hare and coppers or a Prince Nymph-small sizes also. If you are in Turangi stop in and see Ross at TRM and book yourself a great night in one of their units and grab some of those Brian Topp flies -they’re killers.

I quickly fished the Hine yesterday afternoon in the pouring rain and hooked 4 fish in the lower river on a long leader plenty of weight and  a orange glo bug. They were fresh fish but very hard to find and it was obvious that this water had not received a fresh run for a few days. This river has been very productive this winter and you will find fish scattered throughout at the moment especially around the winter limit which is now the Cliff pool. I have kept away from the very upper reaches as most fish up this high are generally very dark in colour and in full spawning mode but are still good sport if you are looking for fish numbers on a hard day.

The Tongariro has slowed down in the past few days and the reports that I have heard have been from guys which don’t usually do much exploring and I bet that if you moved about you could still find good fish. Angling pressure has been extreme but as usual they should have been on the river yesterday as most fish pushed through quite quickly giving the locals smokers full on their way up. I still cant stop thinking of that 14 pound Brown caught out of the Hydro and with a full day of nothing to do tomorow I’m going to look for his brother-although I am scared of what a fish that size would do for my fishing enthusisim-DOES IT GET ANY BETTER!

Have heard absoloutely nothing about the Waytahanui and I can only assume that this river has been fairly quiet for most anglers. There is always a few hopefulls fishing the straight in the winter but with the wind almost totally gone and a full moon things are not in the anglers favour here.

Lets hope for another cold snap and just the right amount of rain to push  a good run into the rivers again. The mountain is full of snow and the air is crisp so we should expect our fantastic winter fishing to continue you just have to be here at the right time.

Tight lines