Hi guys,

Perfect fishing conditions here at the moment guys with fresh,cold,frosty mornings and very clear stunning days which really lights up our wonderful mountains and country side. Surprisingly the water was quiet over the weekend with not much fishing pressure despite rivers fishing quite well and the weather being fantastic.?

There is no doubt that the rivers are fishing well and with the right attitude and determination you will always catch tout at this time of year. One peron in this world with the right attitude and determination is my girlfriend as she has been trying to catch her first trout for the past year. Julie has landed plenty of fish before and hooked them after I have cast the line but like all strong willed anglers she wanted to do the whole lot and cast,mend,hook, battle and land her first trout by herself. It was Julie’s birthday on Saturday so one of her hundred demands was to try her luck for an hour at a local river and create a fairy tale birthday by finally getting her first trout. With the Hine fishing so well at the moment we headed there at first light and was very surprised to see we were the only ones braving the cold frosty conditions. As you can see from this photo of Julie she does not feel the cold and quickly posed for all you men which think that Taupo gets cold in the winter.

As I have been saying for weeks the Hine has fished amazingly this season especially with all the options which have opened up in the last year with the upper section be extended for winter anglers. Nothing fancy is needed in here at the moment and a good heavy front fly with a large orange glo bug trailing will catch most fish first thing in the morning. It was very cold Saturday morning and before Julie could make her first cast, the line was stuck to the rings which then had to be defrosted running cold water. We had walked up to a lovely little pool which has the perfect right hand cast and I thought Julie could handle it ok, if she was going to catch one it was going to be in here. A cast of about 5 metres was flicked up and somehow under the blackberry which was lucky as it set up the perfect cast. Slack line was slowly stripped back as the indicator bobbled up and down indicating that the flies had reached the strike zone.

Suddenly the indicator moved away and Julie set the hook well and truly into the roof of a silver hen which broke the surface immediately. Thank god, the next few minutes were pretty scary for me a I knew if this fish got away it was going to be a bad start to the day for her but she controlled the feisty little fish perfectly and really handled the rod well with letting the fish run and taking line from it when it was vulnerable. As I talked her through the later stages of the fight it was obvious she thought she might win with a little grin breaking through every now and again. The only thing left was for me to slip it into the net which was nerve racking especially after Julie added her bit of “dont #%*? it up!” Anyway all went well and she had her first caught trout in the net which obvious to all residents of Hatepe as she screamed and jumped up down throwing the rod and reel in the sand while standing on the fly line-great! Unlucky for this fish it was knocked on the head by Julie and taken home which has just ensured it will be another year before she catches the next one as you are supposed to let your first go for good-luck. With the job done she was not interested another cast and with our fingers throbbing from the cold we both took back to the truck and headed home for coffee. Sorry to everybody which received a phone call from her just after 7am but she was very excited-Well done babe.

I was guiding Stan and Steve from the states on Friday and they also experienced good fishing and low angling pressure which is really odd for this time of year. I am starting to think anglers are scared of this little river as there are so many snags in here an I can totally relate to them as I use to avoid fishing it. It is not till this season I have pushed myself to spend more time here and learn the pools and as you can see it really has paid of for me.

Stan managed to hook six fish in the few hours we had together and kept one very nice fish for the smoker. We moved through pools fairly quickly and covered as much water as we could targeting pools which were easy for the anglers ability. I have found over the years there is no point trying to teach an old dog too many new skills in half a day as that’s probably not really why they have booked you for a short period.

I saw an angler walking back from the Waitahanuie on Friday with a huge Rainbow which would have been 7lb plus which is a good indication that some fish have pushed into this system. Previous to the clam weather we had alot of westerly wind so that would have pushed some fish into here but I would assume they would be fairly high in the river by now. If the locals are on the straight this is usually a good sign that there is a run going through which is worth stopping for. The river mouth has been quiet with anglers but I can only assume it is the very cold mornings which is scaring these boys away.

The best mouth to fish at the moment would have to be at Hatepe with good reports of fish getting caught during the day and just before dark.Dave Larner now famous for the fourteen pound brown he caught has been seen fishing here and he is doing really well. If you spot this tall casting machine there is  a good chance there will be fish about so get those waders on and join him for a chatt.

Come on guys get up here and change your thinking of Taupo fishing-things are going really well.

Tight lines