Hi guys,

Some great fishing has been had by some anglers over the past week but I am sorry to report those who stick to the Tongariro and slog away in the one pool retire beaten and annoyed. Anglers which have explored the smaller rivers which Taupo offers have done reasonably well with the best being again the Hine. We are in desperate need of rain as all rivers are low and clear and are holding some very flighty fish.

Rain was expected to come for the last three days but we have received nothing to talk about and conditions have remained settled and relatively warm for this time of year. Angling pressure has been low on most rivers but the Tongariro still seems to be seeing it’s fare share of anglers hoping to stumble upon a fresh run of trout which has snuck in over night. I have fished both the Hine and Tongariro with clients over the past couple of days and have had successful mornings in the Hine with terrible results in the afternoon from the Tonga’s.

Sight fishing in the Hine is a option which most have adapted to especially with clear and low water and most fish will move or show interest in your fly if it is drifted correctly. I have seen quite a few trout in the upper section spawning and mating up so have walked past these fish and left them to be as it is important we remember what they are in their for. Others have been obvious to spot in the usual lies and will engulf a small natural like a Caddis or good old PT nymph. Still I find myself using glo bugs at first light in the deeper runs with great success.

Below the bridge has had a little more pressure but there sure has been some nice little silver fish running through and this is a great place to catch up with these trout as they are still in great condition if you want one for the smoker. Early morning has been the best time to get into fish that have moved in overnight and all those making the effort to get out of bed have done ok. Although this river is fishing reasonably well it could do with another rain to get things really moving again as it was three weeks ago.

I fished with Rob yeaterday and guided him around all the best spots on the Hine and did fairly well hooking atleast one fish in every pool. Rob is here for a few days while staying with Ross at TRM and needed a  quick tiki tour of the area to set him in the right direction. Rob should have a great few days fishing with his talent and if he keeps moving from river to river will enjoy fish on most.

It is with disappointment that I report tough fishing in my favourite river but with many hours spent for very little action it is very obvious to me that we need some crappy blowy-rainy weather to change things. There is no doubt that there is trout in there you just have to look of one of the bridges or glare into one of the deeper pools such as Admirals and you will see plenty of fish but they are just playing hard to get. I think most anglers will report that the fishing has been hard but if you get out at them at first light you will have a better chance of hooking up. I have gone right back to 6lb fluro and very small nymphs in most cases in hope that this may change something but still I don’t seem to be encouraging much sport!!!

The trolls under the bridge still seem to be doing ok with 5 ounce bombs and glo bugs the size of  budgies but I cant bring myself to try this method. If you are going to give it a go make sure you are under the bridge at 5am so you can secure a spot on the beach-if you  are ten past you are too late! Day break is not till 7am at the moment but the street lights gives of enough light to nymph with bright indicators-CRAZY!

No reports have come in from the Tauranga Taupo or the Waitahanui but I will assume they are  slow going as I have not passed the locals on the straight for a few days. The upper Waitahanui may be worth a look especially in pools such as the Pig Pool or Gordon Williams as they offer good depth for cover and fast riffley water which should encourage feeding trout.

In my last report I mentioned the LOVE bug which I developed late one night at the bench after a few drinks and it has continued to work very well first thing in the morning on various rivers. Mostly this fly will work well on Rainbow trout but if you are early enough in the right secluded spot it spurs nymphs into hatching and rise from the stony depths. As you can see I got a quick photo of the last very rare type of nymph that this fly attracts. If you would like to use or see what this great fly can do you better give me a ring and book a mornings fishing.

Tight lines guys