Hi guys

Well I’m sure you have all been watching the rivers and planning when is the best time to head to Taupo to chase spawning Rainbows-well there’s never been a better time. All rivers have received high water levels which has pushed good runs of cracking fish into the lower reaches. I have fished the Hine and the Tongariro and finally been full satisfied with both of them after some memorable fishing with my Dad.

Phil Norman has set up the perfect holiday with arriving late tonight and will be fishing with me for the next four days over the weekend. Phil does at least three trips per year and it seems he may have timed this one perfect and should enjoy some awesome sport . One never really knows when to exactly visit the rivers in hope of a fish filled experience as the weather has so much to do with good or bad fishing. If Phil was due to turn up 2 weeks ago he would have had four days of frustrating fishing but with the rain we have just had I will assume it will be very good. I know I should not ASSUME as it usually makes you like an arse of you but with the amount of fish that are currently running the river systems we will surely find some fresh trout. I will be sticking by my gut feeling and hitting my favourite pools at day light and make sure we are getting the first lines through the pool so I hope you are ready for an early start in the morning mate.

Dad and I had some amazing fishing on the day of the heaviest rain and manged 23 fish from the lower Hine and about another 10 from the Tongariro which were scattered in most of the river in front of the lodge. All fish were in reasonable condition and were all exactly the same weight and size  3-4lb.

I had a very simple rig on for the entire day which consisted of a 9foot leader,split shot and quite a large orange glo bug . When fish are in numbers and running through you really can get away with simple rigs and can save your fluro for those hard summer days in gin clear water.

I have shared the same problem as many anglers this season and am finding it hard to know which fish to knock on the head for the smoker as even some silver bullets are proving to be white or pale fleshed?? As the main spawning runs are getting so late in the year now I believe that the fish are maturing in the lake and putting all their goodness into the quality of their eggs leaving us with fish which are ready to burst and no good to eat. I always release any fish which are soft in the flaps or squishy in the stomach as this usually means they are just full of eggs and when opened you will be left with nothing but an envelope. This is such a waste of fish to kill the carrier of so many eggs for no real benefit as you may as well be taking home a slab! Look for firm fleshed fish, these are easy to tell the difference as they usually fight harder and will be solid silver with firm sides. Jack’s can also be hard to get right as they have also been putting energy and goodness into sperm but in general they seem to hold their colour better than the hens. The same rules apply when selecting a fish to take home and you are basically safe if you are looking for a fish which looks like a small football.

The scene has been set up for a perfect weekend on the river and I would expect all rivers to have plenty of angling pressure but also be holding plenty of good fish providing great sport. If it is lovely silver fish you dream of catching this would be the pick of the weekends to turn those dreams into reality.

See you out there