Hi guys,

By checking reports most days it seems that most rivers still have plenty of trout in them and are producing good numbers of fish too those who start early. The Tongariro is very close to being due it”s main run of spawning fish and with some bad weather and rain this river should be the next to fire. The Hine looks like it is still doing very well but the fish seem to be darker now and anglers may even start catching the odd slab which is on it”s way back to the lake for another year.

I have visited a few old rivers back here in England and there are still good numbers of trout in both the Avon and the Test. The Test is a famous river of the world but is so different to the Mighty Tongariro but still holds a huge number of trout of varying sizes. I got up too my old tricks the other night and managed 10 or so nice fish which bought back many memories of being chased across the farmers paddock with the sound of a fired shotgun echoing through the woods.

The Avon river still is a pretty river which holds dozens of different species which locals target with worms, maggots, bread, corn, marmite and the way it should be done artificial fly. This water also produces some huge Pike and I was lucky enough to watch one of these angry toothy buggers from a local bridge as he cruised the pool waiting for small perch to stray from the cover of weed. These are serious fish and I would love to try and catch one of these and get a photo for the website but I think I may run out of time.

Anyway getting this to you from the uk in a internet cafe is not easy but just thought I would touch base and say hello and fill you in with the fishing side of things. We are very lucky in New Zealand and the worst day on the Tongariro still is better than the best day here in England.

Looking back to getting back and wetting the line with you.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas