Hi again

Well it is amazing to be back after a holiday which seemed to take forever to pass but I am refuelled and ready for anything again. I must admit the amount of rain and level of the lake currently is shocking and I’m starting to wonder where all this water will go. If anyone wants to know what has been going on in Coronation street or Emmerdale so they don’t have to watch it please give me a ring as I am right up with play on that topic.

We really are lucky to be here in New Zealand with so many options to enjoy the outdoors and live fairly comfortably with not too many hassels. Being in the UK for the past three weeks and trying to get anywhere just seemed to be a mission as it is expensive and a slow process. Life about Taupo just seems to flow and if you need or want for something with a small amount of effort we can generally have it and just sometimes I think we forget about this-going away was good for me and a important lesson learnt. No wonder there are so many over stayers here!!

There has been no rest for the wicked and already I have been out on the rivers for two days with clients and another three in the barrels waiting for high water to recede which should be all go in the next day or so. All rivers in Taupo have been blown out again with the most impressive being the Tongariro which was roaring at 284 cumecs yesterday morning. I picked up Joe in Turangi and passed over every river except the Waytahanuie which was even border line if it was fishable. The Waiotaka was spilling all over the road and the TT was bank to bank with some interesting looking logs rolling down, there will be plenty of exploring that will need to be done this summer.

The straight at Waitahanuie has just about been demolished from high water and strong westerly winds and there is not much room left for the locals to line up on and assault fish. The river is coloured and has been for days which is quite rare for this spring fed system which is almost always a good back drop for anglers seeking clean water. With the ugly conditions which has been battering this river I would think that there are some good fish numbers in here at the moment but it will take the educated angler to find them and someone who knows the river well as they will be well hidden in the high conditions. These fish really have moved quick in this river this season so hopefully with the higher water and better cover they might give the river angler a chance to find them before reaching the upper limits to spawn.

While guiding Joe yesterday we had mixed luck throughout the entire river using glo bugs and one of Joe’s very bright worm type patterns which hauled 6 fish for us. I think we did fairly well considering most anglers would have stayed inside and given the day away in front of the fire with a bottle of brandy. We hardly saw an angler up the river and had all the good spots to ourselves with the best pool being the Reeds for us where Joe hooked and landed a fairly good fresh hen. When conditions are so high like this it always pays to fish the edges with some sort of fly they are going to spot easily. Fish are always in the rivers and are active in high water it really is just a case of knowing the river before the flood and wondering where the fish will sit out of the current while resting from high water!

Most rivers are now on the way down and although the weather still looks a little wet and ugly they should not  stay too high for the next few days which should give opportunity to get into some of the larger rivers like the Tongas. The Tongariro is currently running at about 70 cumecs  and dropping so realistically it is just fishable now but hopefully it will keep dropping to about 40 and stay a nice milky colour for a day or two. I have spoken to some mates over the past few days and prior to the flooding the rivers were still quite high but fishing extremely well for most who ventured out in the rainy conditions. I am just bursting to get into the Stag pool and see what has stacked up in there over the past few days and also the braids should be thick with fish. I believe the next couple of months will produce our best runs on the Tongariro as the seasons are getting later all the time .

I know angling pressure this week is going to be low as most Turangi motels have got spaces and those who can get a break in the weather and get onto the river should find fresh fish scattered through out most of the Tongariro. It is a hard call to make as you may find yourself sitting about waiting for the river to drop but that’s the risk you take-no guts no glory!

See you out there