Hi guys,

The past few days here in Taupo have been fantastic and an absolute pleasure to be out on various rivers which have now dropped enough to be fishable. All Taupo rivers are still running high due to the lake level being very high but most have cleared up enough to offer perfect colour for nymph or wet fly fishing.

I spent the day over at the Whakapapa yesterday and found the river to be in very good condition but also still very high and crossing was difficult. The water is perfectly clear and fish seem to have survived the winter months and are in very good condition. They are in such good condition that every single fish we hooked out there yesterday escaped and we did not end up with any photos at all!!! Allan has done a fair bit of fishing throughout America but had not quite allowed for the power and strength of these fish, the trout picked up on that Allan has bad legs and made the most of the high water while disappearing down the rapids.

With the Tongariro back to a very nice level I went fishing with Mathew who has just taken over Taupo Rod’n Tackle on Tongariro street. This was a great opportunity to get Mathew back into New Zealand trout as he has been away for the last few years in Korea working as a school teacher. I must admit I was expecting a few more fresh fish to be in the river and will expect that if they don’t turn up in the next day or so we may have seen the bulk of the larger runs already gone through. Many of us may not have caught huge numbers of trout this winter but with high water conditions for sometimes weeks on end the trout have had a pretty good chance to get through undetected.

I had Mathew on the water by 7am and we hit the most obvious spot for trout to be holding in high water-just in behind the Island pool. This piece of water has fished ok for a few days now and every guide worth his weight should know of this little holding run. It was’nt long and Matt was hooked up to a fiesty jack which pulled quite alot of line for it’s size. Matt has been catching Cherry Salmon in Korea which would not get much bigger than a pound so it was finally nice to get back into landing 4lb silver bullets in the mighty river.

This piece of water quite often will hold old or spent fish which are using the slow flowing edges to rest in and wait for easy food while the main river drops but as you can see some good fish will also take advantage of the extra flow in here.

Fishing pressure was fairly light in the upper river but it was extremely heavy down in the braided area right the way through to the Reed Pool. Most anglers I would imagine are trying to find silver fish that have moved in with the fresh and the best place for that is low in the river at the moment. I did not see any real good fish come out of the braids and what was there seemed pretty tired as they have probably been fighting the extra current for days now. Fresh fish should be well and truly on their way now and anglers should be coming into contact with them in the next day or two if not I’m not sure when they will turn up.

If any of you are due some new waders, rods , flies etc you should stop in and see Matt in his new shop and see what sort of deal he can cut for you. If you are locals and are used to getting the great service that Pete has supplied for the past 6 years drop in and introduce yourself as I’m sure he sees you all as an important part of keeping Taupo’s oldest store a great little fishing den.

I know Ross at TRM has trained his not so smart smashed in nose dog to poach and fish for trout with methods not permitted in Taupo. This featured angler is my black lab “ROCK” which has picked up trout fishing in the Tongariro the right way and can cast and land fish in the braids the real way- he is struggling with tying his own flies on though.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas