Hi guys,

The last couple of days following the high water has really been worth being on the water as those little beauties finally filtered through and filled most town and middle pools with some great Lake Taupo rainbows. I had the pleasure of spending a very entertaining day with Steve and Dave Pilkington who are kiwis which generally only fish the Waytoohardanuie. These guys are good fisherman but again in the past have just found the Tongariro to be big intimidating water and have put their efforts into he smaller rivers like the Waithanuie and the Hine. We had a great day yesterday with fish hooked in every pool we visited so hopefully we have another convert and they can now both cash in on the most productive river in Taupo.

The day was a gloomy dark day and we really didn’t get any really great clear photos due to no sun and bad lighting but believe me they were nearly all very silver and in great condition. Overcast conditions with light winds are actually perfect conditions for catching these shy fish so this may have also been why we had a very good day. We fished naturals and glo bugs all day and switched between flies as they were lost on snags or broken of on strong fish-there a number of new snags throughout the river. I have an outstanding pattern at the moment which is a sexy looking little nymph called a “never fail nymph” this was tied by Brian Topp in Napier and was by far the most productive natural nymph today. This particular nymph is just a take on a PT nymph which there are many variables in these days but this one has a bit of wow factor about it.

I think most anglers were catching good strong fish and high numbers yesterday as everywhere we fished we generally saw anglers carrying or hooking into fish. Our day was started of in the Judges pool at 7am which we enjoyed by ourselves until various TRM inmates turned up shortly after 8. I was impressed with these guys as we had great communication straight away and they insisted that they did not interrupt our fishing. I never expect this sort of respect while I am guiding but will go out of my way to thank them very much anyway-true gentleman. The reality of it is that there was enough water and more than enough fish for everyone and it did not actually matter whether you were fishing in the head or the tail of the pool.

As you can see from the pics there is now one massive pine tree which has floated down river after breaking away from the bank of the Island Pool in the last flood. This pool has been a very good pool in the last 2 years and many fish rest up here in the summer months but with the new pine this may only be a place for advanced backcasters or nifty left handers. The same run is still snag free and the actual pool may have become deeper so I’m actually thinking that this will be the home of a few good brownies in the next few months.

I have not been able to get into the Stag pool for quite some time but finally with these strong boys we got in there and had a ball with Steve hooking up on his first cast. Dave was then quick to get into the water and for about an hour the fish were hooked up every few minutes with the odd occasion of double hook ups. This pool has to be the best in the Tongariro not just for it’s trout but the ability to hold tired fish, casting for beginners, easy drifts , short casts and natural beauty. This for many years now has been the go to pool when things are really tough or I have a complete novice which just needs to get hooked up. Fish are not always the best in here as this pool offers a slack piece of water for recovering trout to rest in but on the other hand I know of another fish that likes slack water and that’s the Tongariro’s massive brownies. We were lucky yesterday and most of the trout in here were all really good silver fish which pushed up in the last flood and I was half expecting the odd brownie to show up but no such like-bit early yet really.

I have no reports on any other rivers but they must be fishing well by judging by the cars in the car-parks. The TT has had a solid number of cars in the park by 6 30 most mornings and with the levels at a nice level I’m sure anglers are having the same results in there. It seems the Hine has quietened down and most fish are coloured up and waiting around for summer in here. The Hine will again be a great little river on the dry fly this year and can be a challenging river when trying to fool trout with very small drys in the evening rise. I spoke to an angler briefly yesterday that had wondered up the Waiotaka and hooked into some fresh fish close to the main carpark.

He reckoned the fish were holding hard under banks as the river was still flowing quite hard but would always shoot out and grab the glo bug if drifted close enough.

Anyway guys I think the river will be busy over the next few days and leading up to the weekend will see the usual warriors in town but if you start early and move about I dont think you will have any worries landing some good condition fish.

See you out there.