Hi guys,

Another cold classical spring day has hit us today and we have seen 4 seasons in one day which has had most taking clothes off while putting coats on. The changing of the seasons is a very interesting time to be outdoors and one which I have some favourable memories while fishing.

There have been huge amounts of anglers fishing the lake edges and hitting the deep holes and reefs of the lake from the boat this weekend as the annual Kinlock fishing comp has been in full swing. With over 450 entrants there must be a huge amount of pressure on fish numbers and it will be interesting to see what scientific information is gathered from the fish killed and weighed in. DOC will surely let us know what the fishery is doing and how it is travelling compared to other years with information gathered from the trout caught but also the anglers involved in the weekend. Good luck to all but I have a fare idea of a who might win heaviest fish this year while fishing very close to home late at night.

The mighty Tongariro certainly is living up to it’s name in the past few weeks and is taking a very long time to drop as is other rivers in the region. The Tongariro seems to have alot of colour variation from day to day and some pools are becoming increasingly silty which does not sit well with the trout. Trout have very delicate gills and any foreign objects such as silt in the water will be discharged very quickly , so a silty river will simply push fish into clearer conditions or maybe back to the lake.

Despite the odd water conditions there are still some very good trout being caught and most anglers are enjoying multiple hook ups when moving about the river. Glo bugs are still fishing very well with most spawning fish but all fish will always suck down a well presented Caddis or PT nymph. Fishing methods are endless at the moment and those of you who enjoy wet lining and nymphing can pretty much pick your pool and apply your style to it!

What will you be doing when you are 94?  This is Noel from the UK who has been fishing for over 80 years and last visited the Tongariro river 35 years ago when the done thing was wetlining with cane rods and silk lines. Noel is now the grand age of 94 and was very keen to see the river once again and see what all this nymphing was about. It was a total pleasure to be looking after such a man and in many years to come I hope I can still stand in the braids and flick a line like I can today. As you would expect we picked  a nice quiet water such as the braids and in particular spot x as I thought the wading across the bottom of the Stag might be pushing it a little bit. With his health consistently on my mind he soon proved to me that he was fine and I slowly got the confidence to stand back on the bank a bit and let him once again fish in solitude and connect with the great outdoors. This as you can see was a little premature as a violent act of trying to the set the hook saw him floundering about in the shallows with water spilling over his waders. My first reaction was of course to make sure he was ok but it was soon obvious with the smile on his face that he was fine and thought it was as funny as I did.

All the training in the world would not have trained me how to react with what I and a few other passing people from Tongariro lodge had to witness following Noels blunder. Yip, all clothes of even his undies!! A naked angler quickly ringing out his clothes and slipping them all back on is not something you see everyday in the braids-I’m just glad he didn’t fall over while tyring to get those Y fronts back on. Absolute fantastic day Noel and even though we did not get much fishing in it was magical sipping coffee and listening to stories of such a special life on the banks of a river which has given you so many great memories-seriously thank you.

I have been reading the TRM website once again and I see that the local poaching, fish tickling dog “Poof” or is it Boof once again made headlines following the report on my talented dog. Yes the evidence is in the photo’s and proves that the TRM guard dog is great at catching poor old spawned fish which are trying to get back to the safety of the lake . We all know that this is not a fair way of fooling the fish into giving up it’s life but simply another skill that has probably been learnt from the owner. I have shown the latest report to Rock and he is disgusted in the actions of Boof and is hoping not all dogs will be tarred with same brush as Rock puts alot of time into gaining knowledge and skills to be competent on the river.

As you can see tonight he is catching up on all the latest fishy news from the local TROUT fisher magazine followed up by knocking together a few flies for his next outing. Who knows with a little more training and work on his knots I might be able to send him out on some jobs, haha

Have a great week