Hi guys,

The week just passed must have been one of the more difficuilt on record and quite able fisherman were reduced to tangled messes. I guided most of the week on various rivers and struggled to find anywhere which offered easy casting out of the wind but also still had a good chance of a trout being hooked. The long weekend is here and so far you could not fault the weather and it amost seems like summer again. I have not been out this morning but I would imagine things will be fairly busy on Taupo and backcountry rivers so think out the square and venture that little bit further to get some water to yourself somewhere.

The Tongarrio still seems to be fishing fairly well if you hit the best pools early and are prepared to move about when the going is tough. Your first pool of the day is sometimes the most important move and you must make the most of your pool if you have it to yourself. If your choice is good and you approach your pool the correct way you will be of the mark fairly quickly and the pressure will be lifted for another day.

The river is still running fairly high and care will need to be taken with the deeper crossings especially if you are one of these crazy men wearing neoprenes and crossing at your nipples. The river has changed alot in the last month and many of you will be busy finding new lies and new pools as some of the old favourites have silted up and no longer hold fish. The braided area needs to be re explored and every time I head down there something does not seem right or is out of place, so extra work needs to be done in here. The Honeypot has totally changed for the worse which is a shame as this was my little gem when things were tough as has in front of the lodge up from the Plank pool. The fish numbers have not changed and they must have adjusted where they are going to stop and sit so it’s just a case of finding that place once again. Of coarse with new pools and runs we are going to get new snags and over the past week I have been victim to some beauts which just wont let go no matter what trick you have for releasing your fly. There is one in the top of Judges which is just lethal and a wetsuit and snorkel may be invested in to remove this bugger as this pool is one of my summer runs.

The Trolls pool has totally changed and you will now find yourself having to use heaps and heaps of weight to fish this pool.The flow and current is more channeled now and is carrying alot of heavy water past those piles. Most guys who are used to casting here will have no problem adjusting to the conditions and fishing the extra weight will be no problem. Fish are still in here in big numbers but they are on the bottom and need to be enticed into striking out-all day still seem to be ok in here.

I once again ventured back country in hope that the rivers have dropped and cleared enough to fish ok but was again confronted with high water and slightly tanned from the rain the night before which meant we struggled again. I am so disappointed with my backcountry fishing at the moment and a huge part of it falls upon how much rain and bad weather we have had.

I just don’t know how to get around this problem as the fish still have to be there just a little more spread out one would think. It seems some of them just don’t eat at all and switch of for the river to settle down to a level which they know and feel safe in??? When they do clear it will be like fishing opening day all again as they would have had very little pressure and trout should be in top condition.

Tight lines