Firstly I must apologise for being really bad at updating the web blog but it is simply that I have been so busy this month and have not been able to sit down at night and get my head down. Thank You to everyone that has been patient and kept logging into see what I have been up to, hopefully we will get a few reports to you over the next few weeks.

I have had some amazing clients over the past few weeks which has made my job easy and we were also lucky enough to be able to access some unreal water and stalk some very impressive fish in some truly beautiful kiwi bush. The back country over the past couple of weeks has been brilliant with most rivers offering some dry fly action on the warmer days and should only get better going into the Christmas period. Water levels around the mountain are low which is great for targeting fish and in most cases anglers are now able to access water which they have not been able to hit before.

The rivers towards Napier are still up a little and carrying more water than they should but things will start to empty out as the paddocks and farms dry up with the better weather. The trout in some of these rivers have had a hard year and the condition of some fish are well down as they have been fighting high water for many cold months over winter. Hopefully with the better conditions just around the corner these fish will get a chance to put on weight and firm up again in preparation for next spawning season.

Locally I have not done huge amounts of fishing but did get a chance to hit the Tongariro and Hine yesterday and found both rivers to be holding a mixed bag of trout which were scattered throughout. The Tongarrio was still a little cloudy yesterday from the slip when we fished it early in the morning and we only managed  3 fish from various pools in the upper section. In my experience trout seem to hate pumice in the water and I expect it will take  a few more days to come back to normal and the fish to switch back to normal feeding habits.

The Tongas would still be my best beat for this area and anglers should expect to see alot of slabs turning up with the odd semi silver fish mixed in amongst them. There’s nothing wrong with fishing for slabby fish and they deserve the most respect after the weeks they have just endured running the rivers reproducing. Slabby fish are generally easier to catch than others and most methods will work with these hungry little devils. By far the best way and sporting method will be the dry fly which will soon be firing up all day but is still a little confined to evenings at the moment. If you can hit it right on a still evening at the moment you might experience the most amazing rise you will ever see with fish exploding all over the place making the water almost boil. Some of the best drys will be emerger patterns or flies which imitate Caddis.

I can positively report that there are good numbers of Brown trout which have entered the river but they are still fairly low at the moment but it wont take long before these start turning up in places which are more accessible to most of us. If you feel like  a good stretch of the legs by all means hike down the river several miles you will not be disappointed with rising browns which can be caught.

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The arrival of these magnificent creatures really sets the summer fishing of the Tongariro on fire and something which I look forward to each season. If you need help or more info on hitting more of these trout grab the latest TROUT fisher magazine and check out the article targeted at these fish which I wrote to help you guys-the word is out!

Another exciting time which is only just around the corner is the opening of the upper river which is available to fish as of the 1st of December. The best way to get into this water is with the use of the raft and this is what Theresa and Glenn Good will be doing this year again. I have high expectations of this day as I know how great it can be and with huge numbers of trout stacking up in the limit pools I cant wait to drift that fist nymph through on opening morning. Luckily for someone I have a cancellation on 3rd and will be taking the booking from the first email I get regarding this date so if you want to hit this river on the opening week here is  a great opportunity to get in now! I am awaiting your call.

Over the past few weeks I have managed some quite interesting photos which I will slowly leak to you all but take a look at these underwater pics they are sure to stir up arguements around the coffee tables as this is what fish see when they look up -I think.

If fish see a reflection  of the bottom when looking up do we really need to be wearing camo clothes, using camo lines or can we get away with fluro shirts and yellow lines which are easy to see and aid mending?? So what do they see??, reflections, colour of the sky, black and white, shapes?? This is sure to stir anglers and get them talking so let me know what you think.

Anyways another big week ahead and adventures to organize so better get back to it. Thanks again for keeping the faith and reading when you see a new blog -I promise to try and keep it regular.

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