Hi guys,

Fairly settled weather over the past few days has enabled many anglers to get out and about enjoy some of that lovely sun which hopefully means we have turned the corner and can see summer on the way. The rivers in Taupo have now gone fairly quiet and most anglers can enjoy stretches of river to themselves. There are more and more anglers pushing into the back country now and we should start hearing some stories which will make those jealous who cant be involved.

All anglers seem to be crying the same story at the moment and are struggling to get into fish despite fishing their best rivers first thing in the morning. I think we are all getting connected with the odd trout but not the numbers we are used to which is leaving many anglers disappointed with their efforts. I am also one of those who have found the going tough in the past week or so and have had to work extra hard with clients just to get them of the mark and avoid being skunked. After quite a tough day on the Tongariro last week I decided to head into the back country and try and change our luck even though I knew things were also pretty tough out there too with the high water conditions. 

We fished three different rivers that day and they were all high and swollen which limited access to only a few pools per river which meant once again another hard day was had. In my opinion backcountry rivers fish very hard when high or dirty and we really need these rivers to drop quickly to a low clear level so we can once again enjoy some outstanding fishing that we are used to. With sunny conditions we are going to see more snow melt come down the rivers in the next few months which is fine if it is not mixed with rain which will keep rivers high. As they have been so high for so long when they finally do retreat things should be very good as these fish would have seen almost no pressure and should be in great condition.

With some warmer weather about and still nights the Tongariro has seen an evening rise which has been lasting about half an hr or so. Hatches seem to involve a heap of may fly but fishing a sporting caddis or stimulator pattern seem to be doing very well as well. Trout being caught will be a mixed bag at the moment with spent fish turning up regularly while on their way back to the lake but the odd silver bullet is still turning up as last spawners. Another couple of weeks and we should see the first run or push from the big brown trout which will show up in the lower reaches first behind the willows and under the banks.

A few guys have done ok fishing lighter equipment lately and most of us will soon be swapping to a large dry on the surface an one or two small nymphs suspended below. Fishing fast water and riffles with this set up will account for alot of fish this summer and is delightful to be casting something so light after throwing winter rigs. Many of these fish are feeding mid water and are starting to look up so they will be more active at moving for your fly and accepting nymphs such as hare and coppers, pheasant tails, caddis patterns and various nymphs tied by our favourite tyer Brian.

The dry fly should be fairly large and simply an attraction at this time of year which should be used as  a strike indicator so try using a cicada, humpy or something else which floats high. Eventually as the summer goes on you will see trout taking them also but we are probably a bit away from that at the moment.

Anyway guys lets hope things pick up this week and we see levels drop which will help us to turn the corner and get into these fish that cant be accessed.

Tight lines