Hi again,

Some awesome weather has arrived here in Taupo giving anglers plenty of opportunity to get stuck into the rivers and explore places they have not ventured into yet  this season. The best river at the moment is easily the mighty Tongariro and all anglers are reporting fish being landed in most pools especially in the morning. Some very silver fish have pushed up and are being caught around the town pools. This is very extraordinary for this time of year but we are not moaning-just a little confused why they turned up all of a sudden.

The annual Tongariro vs Shane and his men was another non event with the Tongariro totally cleaning up and wiping the floor compared to all other rivers. I was unable to show my face this year but I hear great fishing was had by all and another enjoyable afternoon was spent around the bbq enjoying a beer with all that competed. There’ always next year Shane and the one after and the one after!!

The back country rivers are again down to a level which are fishable and anglers should really think about hitting these remote rivers before Christmas to avoid too much foot traffic. Backcountry rivers in general don’t react  well with loads of pressure especially those available to spin fisherman so I will be getting stuck in on my next days off. Small natural patterns and long leaders will probably be the best but keep your eyes peeled for surface activity as they cant be too far of feeding on the surface for most of the day as long as sunny and warm conditions continue.

I guided Ray and Barney this morning on the Tongariro and hardly saw another angler until it was time to head home which is just fantastic. Angling pressure is still very low at the moment and fish are getting a chance to settle into a pool which gives them confidence making them easier to catch. We hit my favourite pool fairly late this morning but it was not long before Ray had hooked into his first battle with a scrappy Rainbow which broke him off down the rapid. A frantic hour was had by both anglers with 5 or 6 fish hooked in the same run but as the sun got high and casts became sloppy the hook up rate died right off.

With a couple of fish on the bank for an afternoon bbq we decided to call it quits and head back to the motel for a leisurely afternoon of doing nothing. These guys were great company and are back over for the world cup next year so I’m sure we can get them back out on the river to have another fun filled morning fighting angry Tongariro Rainbows.

Dry fly action continues to suprise most anglers with pools just coming alive late in the evenings. The rise quite often wont last long but sometimes can be dragged out for an hour or so as long as the wind does not get up and kill it. Matching the hatch is the key to most anglers success and generally keeping the fly small at this time of year will see it getting smashed of  the surface as the light for the day dimms, cicadas and large terrestrial flies will come into their own later in the summer months.

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With all reports for the Tongariro positive at the moment and angling pressure quiet this would be a fantastic time to get up and test out those skills on some fish which really should have turned up months ago. I’m pretty sure we wont see many more runs of silver rainbows but the big browns must be very close and are probably hanging around the delta as we speak and should start trickling through.

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