Hi again

Things have generally been pretty tough lately in the Taupo area but the Tongariro has produced many fish for those who are prepared to put in the hard yards. The conditions are tough and there is no doubt that stealth mode is needed in most cases to achieve success as fish are taking control with the low clear water conditions. There are silver fish still pushing through but they are not grouped up like winter spawning fish and are proving a little more illusive at times.

All other rivers have not seen many fresh runs for sometime now leaving them bloody hard going but with summer on the way traditionally a few show up out of  no where and give anglers some dry fly sport. The Hine should be one of these rivers and with long warm evenings just around the corner get ready with Caddis and midge imitations. The Waytoohadanuie is proving just that ……..and I have not heard of a fish taken from here for some time but like every year we should see some good browns moving in very soon.

Matt from Taupo Rod’n Tackle has been pounding the picket fence the last few weeks at first light and has seen some amazing sun rises but unfortunately that’s about all!!! It wont be long and the duck hole browns will be the prize fish worth chasing in this bay which should be targeted with a floating line and a lovely big fur fly slowly retrieved at first light.

The evenings on the Tongariro have again been very good and alot of fish have been exposing themselves while feasting on good Caddis hatches. The best water to be targeting would be places which have slow flow like the lower Bridge pool or the Major jones as this water holds good numbers of trout and gives the anglers a chance to present those patterns perfectly. Reports of anglers hooking into ten fish or more is not uncommon and is the place to be at this time of year on an evening with no wind and warm muggy conditions.

Backcountry is in full swing now and in the past few days I have explored some interesting water which you guys just have to see to believe. I will be guiding similar water tomorrow and hope the water levels have retreated to a fishable level which we can really get into and get the better of them. Some of the fishing I experienced this week was first class and should be on the bucket list for many to do, if you want to check out the photos have a quick look at Tongariro River Motels website. Backcountry fishing is at everybody’s door steps and we as kiwis are very lucky to be able to access some of this amazing water so get in contact with someone that can get you into some of this water and really put you onto some strong hard fighting trout which will act like they have never been caught before. 

Those of you who I have guided in the past ten days sorry that I have not been able to get you up on the web with your prized trophys but my web page is playing up but will be sure to get you live asap.

Possibilities are endless guys.

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