Hi guys.

Taupo -Turangi has finally seen some decent rain over the last couple of days which is just perfect for our rivers and great for our farmers which are short of decent grass at the moment. I’m sure it wont have much effect in the long run but may push a few fish higher in the river especially the browns and give the farmers a few more weeks out of their pastures.

I was out guiding again this morning on the Tongariro for just the morning and found fish in the middle and upper sections which were all in decent condition but in no way fresh fish. I should have headed to the lower river as if there were any pulled up from the rain before they would still be a long way below the bridge. When I was driving the clients back to Taupo we did see a local angler carrying a small but fresh hen fish over the bridge so I would assume it was caught under the bridge or very near by as he was only wearing gum boots and had an indicator the size of a budgie on. I know it’s late for fish to be pushing up from the lake but in recent seasons we have seen a percentage of trout which ignore seasons or when they are supposed to be coming up and just trickle through as and when they want to usually spurred on by rain or stormy weather. Brown trout will be pushing up pool by pool as we speak and wont be long before anglers are targeting these brut’s and forgetting about the smaller rainbows.

With overcast and rainy conditions I started my morning in the Stag pool which we managed two recovering fresh from both taken on the glo bug. Usually I don’t carry these in the summer but lately they have been working just fine and on days like today they are perfect! The other fish we hooked were in the Blue pool but unfortunately not hooked well enough and all three were released before the net was able to be slipped under them, do they count??? nah not really eh!

I am disappointed with the amount of rubbish which has been left in most of the car parks on the Tongariro river bank. I have spent most of my time in the last month or so away in the backcountry and have been impressed and proud to be showing clients our wonderful clean native bush and clean rivers which our visitors have commented on how nice it is. Today I pulled into the Stag pool car park only to be greeted with Burger King , chocolate wrappers and beer bottles. Didymo Dave usually keeps these areas spotless but is away on a well deserved break with his kids so he was not able to help. It is really sad that when one man leaves the post the river turns into a dumping site or just maybe it shows how much work this poor bugger really is doing.

I rafted the upper section again the other day with RNZ and had another pretty good day throughout most of the pools we stopped at. Fish were hooked in most pools and many fish can still be spotted or spooked when rafting through the tails of the pools. Kendra from Canada had a great day landing 3 or 4 fish which she rated as BIG compared to home which is something we hear quite alot while guiding overseas visitors. This is still a worth while trip doing for the next couple of months and with two more on the cards for next week I will keep the reports coming.