Hi guys,

Hope you all had a great Christmas and those stockings were filled with plenty of new fishy gadgets which will make you at least look the part if nothing else. There is so much gear on the market these days some of which is very good and handy but some of which is marketed to catch the angler I feel, not the trout. Growing up around fisherman I have seen some really talented anglers which have caught great numbers of trout and it is not the gear they are using but the skill of the angler using the gear which produces best results. My Dad is still using Maxima nylon and he catches as many or more fish than anyone else ?

Everywhere had plenty of rain prior to christmas which saw most rivers around Taupo unfishable but getting the clean out and the extra water they needed to pull us through the next few months of summer. Different river systems cleared quicker than others with the Tongariro being the first to clear giving anglers which fished backwaters some very good fishing.I am hoping it has pulled a late run into the system with some silver fish but it may just be a wee bit late for any good numbers. It would have done wonders for the brownies and you will now start seeing some beasts turning up in the town pools and middle reaches of the Tongariro. I think it’s going to be a great year for these fish again and will personally be making an extra effort with these fish targeting the Tongariro and a few other little stream mouths at night.

Christmas Eve came about pretty quick and once again found myself in the upper section of the Tongariro launching another raft trip for Joe and his son Dave. This has been a great trip this year which has always impressed clients with fish numbers and scenery, this was Joe’s second time down. The river was only just clearing from the extra flow and I had my doubts how the fish reacted to so much water up high and was a little unsure of how many we would encounter being so high. With flows at the upper section getting up to 270 cumecs I thought the weaker spawned fish may have been killed or washed back down the river to town pools or the lake. I was so wrong and had nothing to worry about as the indicator was ripped under in the first pool  producing a nice little silver fish which gave Joe an impressive scrap. Every single pool we fished produced fish, sometimes just singles but more often than not multiple fish of some description. Expect to be catching a mixed bag through out the Tongariro at the moment as fish are moving back and forth from the lake as they wish especially with altering river levels.

With all rivers fishable once again and the new moon phase very close we should see some good fishing here in Taupo over the holiday period. Pressure will be heavy in most of the easy access areas but with a little thinking outside the square you should find some good fishing. If you want total solitude give me a call and I will see what I can do for you.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas