Hi guys,

Ok last week the fishing was pretty steady with good catches of Rainbows and Browns throughout most of the Tongariro but with no rain and hot conditions the fishing has become tough for most. I have run into a good number of anglers over the past few days and they are all crying the same story and that is no or very little action from fish. There are still plenty of very big browns in most of the river and in many of the easy accessed pools but they are fairly spooky and tough to catch for most.

Rainbows are scattered through the fast water and can be caught if you are first through the pool by a decent hour but once that sun is high in the sky and conditions become bright, hot and still the fishing really has been dropping off. I have not been out in the evenings but I do believe there has been some good caddis hatches resulting in some good dry fly fishing in the evening.

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Sometimes staying in the house during the day is the best option when things are like this and try nand sneak out and enjoy the evenings once the temperature has dropped off.

I think many anglers have brown trout in mind at this time of year as most are seeing some very good specimens on most days but still struggle to catch them. This week has been tough for me also with only one small brown taken on a blowfly imitation fished hard against the true right bank of the Hydro pool. If your aim is to catch a brown in the next few months try and get out at night and wet line a place which you have seen them during the day as I think you will find they will be alot more active at night.

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I went for a walk up the Waitahanui with a client one hot afternoon and was pleased to see that there were a few browns and rainbows scattered throughout the lower reaches. It’s nice to know that the guys which spear them in here have left a few for the fly fisherman. This river is such a lovely place for a leisurely stroll with a fly rod but it is so disappointing to know the ill fate which many trophy fish receive every year while trying to spawn in here. On a positive note Dave Cade has once again been hard at work in here clearing invasive weeds like blackberry and generally cleaning up rubbish from the river banks so there is  a watchful community eye on things.

Hopefully things will spark up in the next few days with some lower temperatures or some rain but till then keep at them.

Tight lines