Hi again,

Rain is currently pouring down here in the Central North Island and has done most of the night and with severe rain and wind warnings issued to much of the areas catchments we are almost definitely in for some rivers to rise and flood. The Tongariro is slowly rising with the rain we have had locally but it will speed the rise as soon as the rain that is dropping in the headwaters reaches Turangi-a dangerous time to be caught out on an island. This river has only just got back to a good fishable level and most would not have had a chance to fish for the fresh brownies which moved in but those who did all caught fine specimens. This rain will again push another run up and when this bad weather passes the fishing options will be endless.

I have had a few days on the smaller rivers around Taupo over the past week an have had mixed results which can be expected at the moment. The Hine seems totally barren of any trout, I spent a good day on here with a good angler and only hooked 5 or 6 fish all of 3 inches each. Conditions were perfect and generally the river looked very good but the lack of action from fish made it a long and non productive session.

On the other hand the Waitahanui has had a good run of brownies which seem to be holding up in the lower section which is offering some challenging fishing to those who have got time on their hands. In amongst stubborn browns there has been the odd fresh rainbow but they seem to be moving slightly quicker than the bigger browns which are holding positions behind weed beds. There is  a real mixed bag of sizes in here from about 4-8 pounds with the smaller fish seeming to be the ones which will occasionally move for the fly splashed next to them. There’s a trick for you, next time you are fishing at a brown which seems asleep or not interested splash your fly in front or to the side of him quite hard and strip it away -this action sometimes will make him chase the fly or just grab it out of surprise!! I have not seen many anglers up here during the afternoon and it really is a great strip of river to explore if you find it to yourself. This river will also dirty up with the right amount of rain as it did last week and I will be expecting some colour in here over the next couple of days.

Anglers keep emailing me and stopping me on the river asking about dry fly and if I have had much luck this season yet with this style of fishing. The truth is I think I have caught about 4 fish on the dry all summer in the Taupo area and have not seen much action on the surface at all. In saying that I have not been out at 9pm on the change of light and fished the evening rise but I have heard that this can be quite good. I have been fishing with a dry fly dropper combo but in most cases the nymph has been taken by rising trout. Conditions have been a bit weird this past month or so with rain , wind and other things which effect the hatching of plenty of trout food but it’s still not too late. The backcountry rivers are more likely to have more trout rising during the day especially to the Cicada but most of my guiding has been spent chasing brownies around the mighty Tongariro.

Keep your eye on the river levels and make sure to be close to a river when they start going down as there will be some great fishing to be had .

Andrew Christmas