Hi guys,

Yeah ok I know I’m in trouble with lack of reports and keeping my readers in line but with guiding being so busy and some personal things to sort out I have found it hard to get to the computer and hit the keys. I have also spent hours on the water getting to know the rivers again after the horrible weather and flooding which battered some of our best fishing.

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It is heart breaking wondering around the rivers which so many good memories have been had and seeing them destroyed and totally changed. Difficult time of year for guides with the recent changes to many of their favourite waters which some of the trout stocks would have been effected for the worst.

I went for a quick look over the Napier Taupo highway the other day to see the damage to the Waipunga and the Mohaka which are both favourite stomping grounds for me and many other anglers. I doubt there will be any fish left in the Waipunga and I doubt we will fish this water again this summer as there are many landslides and even parts of the road which has ended up in the river itself, expect road delays. The river is still very high and very dirty, all pools and runs would have changed and alot of exploring will have to be done in here to know this water again. A little further on and you will hit the Mohaka a water which over the years has been very good to me and a real pleasure to fish.

This water has seen it’s fare share of high conditions over the years and responds quite well with bad conditions so things are brighter for these fish. The river was still high and a milky colour but is clearing quite well and should be fishable in the next few weeks, it will be interesting to see the state of the trout in here-thank god they bounce back quite well.

Locally fishing has been a bit hard going for me despite some of the pictures we have displayed of very nice fish caught in the past couple of weeks. The Tongariro is by far the best river in Taupo at the moment and what is being caught is very good.

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There are alot of juvenile fish in the river at the moment which is  a great sign that things are working out ok and they should make it to the lake to fatten very shortly. These fish usually hang about in the river for a month or so before making their way finally to the holding pen, Lake Taupo.

The Tongariro has changed dramatically and many of your favourite runs have changed and crossings moved, got deeper or just don’t have be crossed at all now. My beloved Stag pool has changed for the worst and although I can see some fish holding in it I cant catch them!!!! Before the floods I was enjoying some fantastic summer fishing with some awesome browns being caught most days. They are just starting to appear again in most town pools and in the upper section so hopefully things will be back on track shortly

. The fresh water has dragged up some really nice silver rainbows which has replaced some of the kelts which we previously were encountering most days. There are still only a few anglers on the river which most are being guided so if you have time and want to get the jump on everyone for the winter season and get to know the river again now would be a good time to explore some of these new areas. At the end of the day floods are generally good for this river and we will be better of for it-just does not seem like that right now.

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Dry fly has been an option most days with fish taking the Cicada quite well when fished in the faster pocket waters in the middle reaches. Exciting fishing for sure and as they are fresh from the lake they certainly pull some line while fishing a #5 rod. The evening rise has been happening some nights and not the next so you just have to take your chances with that one but most anglers have been getting good results and even some good browns sipping from the surface which just makes me shake thinking of it.

All other rivers are fishable and are holding small numbers of trout which is typical for summer in Taupo. The Waitahanui has good numbers of sleepy browns in the lower reaches of the river but the upper seems barren of any life at all. The Hine has the odd fish in it and quite a few small fish so some fun can be had in here with small drys and light line but don’t expect to be walking out with your limit from the first pool like we did in the winter.

The TT is looking really good with the recent flood creating some lovely runs and pools which will hold fish over winter or when they start to run in here again. Most pools are deep and free of snags just like the good old days, the river still has almost no fish but they will come with time.

Hope this helps a little over the next few days, Tight lines