Hi guys

Just a quick little blog to let you guys know the rough weather we experienced over the weekend has pushed fish in close to the river mouths and up the rivers giving anglers multiple opportunities to experience some first class angling. The weather early in the week is nice so get up here asap before these fish run through.

I was fishing all weekend with Matt from Taupo Rod’n Tackle and Paul from Composite Developments and we all hooked and landed good numbers of fish from both the picket fence and the middle reaches of the Tongariro. The Tongariro coloured up slightly and was slightly high which was just perfect conditions to find some silver fish fresh from the lake and they did not disappoint. Every pool we fished we found good trout in and were easily caught nymphing the traditional patterns such as Green Caddis and Hare and Coppers ,Matt even did quite well with the freshies using  a flame coloured glo bug. Winter fishing is very, very close and fishing in this awesome river will be firing up in the next couple of weeks.

Other reports flying about the internet regarding the fishing in the Tongarrio is quite negative at the moment but if you are not on the river or lake very often it is hard to get a handle on what is going on, the only way to weigh up the fishing is to get out and do it yourself.  I was extremely surprised to fish the Tongariro in popular pools on Saturday and Sunday not to see another angler or even fresh foot prints? The fishing is as good as it gets at the moment guys  so I hope negative reports have not put you off from venturing out onto the river. 

Saturday was a wet horrible day to be on the river but with the river rising slowly and the dull conditions the brown trout were out feeding actively so we cashed in on this catching 6 browns and 5 rainbows. Sunday was another very early start which saw us lined up in the mouth of the Waitahanui with 7 other hopeful anglers on a quite a damp but still morning. I have never seen this place fish so well with most anglers at least catching a fish. I was very lucky to have the lucky fly or the lucky spot and managed to hook into 11 fish in the first hour 7 of those being brownies which is just unheard of and outstanding fishing. It really is hard to believe people can say the fishery is ruined and there is no food in the lake when one experiences fish like these which have obviously got very fat eating something somewhere. We then rushed on down to Turangi to fish the river for the morning which we again were hooked up every ten minutes on silver fish in pools such as the Cicada, Stag, Hydro-amazing fishing.

Other rivers in the south of the lake were all in flood and the Tauranga Taupo will be up for a couple of days as it was bank to bank with chocolate milk most of the day Sunday. Waimarino and Waiotaka were both fairly dirty but not quite over the road just yet so they should drop by early in the week and become fishable.

The next month or so will see some of the best spawning fish coming through the rivers and conrgating around the river mouths as the bigger Jacks will usually position themselfes in the river and wait for the females to turn up. Watch the weather, pull out those old maganum waders, fluff the indicator and tie those glo bugs because the great winter fishing is only just around the corner.

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