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After last weeks first fresh on the Tongariro due to the stormy wet weather we received on Saturday things on the rivers this week could be described as hard or quiet. I have no idea where all the fish went after Monday as I had quite  a hard day on the Tongariro mid week myself. For some strange reason there seemed to be anglers almost everywhere we went and unfortunately we were all having the same amount of luck. I can only imagine that the trout moved through very quickly to the upper section out of the reach of most anglers on foot. Hopefully we will receive a decent flood in the next week to clear out some of the pools around the middle reaches as they are currently fairly silty and to shallow for holding water which is what we need for these winter fish to sit in between hard and fast rapids.

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There are changes everywhere on the Tongariro which everyone really should be checking out as some are for the better but some are for the worse and your favourite little run which always produced last season may not even be there. This is the beauty about this river as it is always changing and even the busiest of guides have to be on here full time to keep a good hold on the forever changing moods of the Tongariro. There are still some very good brownies lurking in most quiet waters or deep holes and if your lucky you will connect with one of these large fish during the day but your best chance will be when they are most actively feeding at night.

I have never been much of a night or early morning fisherman as I have always been more interested in snuggling up to something nice while watching a bit of TV with the electric blanket on but in the past couple of months I have been converted.  Usually I get as many tangles, wind knots, lost flies and hooks in the back as anyone else but after learning how to minimize this in the dark night fishing has become a favourite past time of mine.

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The excitement and thrills I have had while targeting river mouths on dark nights and mornings lately has been unreal and it strikes me as the best way to get a good fish at the moment.  The Waitahanui has been the best for me but similar success stories have been heard from the Waimarino, Tauranga Taupo and Hatepe river mouths.

Mornings have been far more productive than the nights with both good numbers of Rainbows and Browns coming close enough for anglers to really target some terrific fish. The first runs of solid jacks have started so we should start to see more and more hens start to turn up in the following weeks. These fish are in fantastic fighting condition with bright orange flesh which is just perfect for eating. There are still a few browns sneaking around the edges of the current but we will see less and less of these now as we go into colder winter months as most of them should have already made it up the river by now. I have fished here most of the week for an hr or two each day and have caught trout on most outings using either heave and leave glo bugs during the day or dark wet flies at night.

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Most rainbows that I have seen caught have been about 3-4lb and I managed a good brown early this morning which was about 6 or 7lb. There seems to be better numbers of fish getting caught in the actual current of the rip or on the drop off but if you want to hook one of the last big browns try down the beach a bit in the quieter water especially when the rip is being forced down the beach and not straight out to the lake.

Another week is upon us and some exciting guiding work is in the pipe line so will report back mid week.

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