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The westerly wind really is currently pounding the shores of the Waitahanui river mouth and should be just what we need for a decent run of the first spawning Rainbows for this river. Mixed weather is forecast for central north for the next few days which should move trout into all rivers. Most rivers are running slightly high and have dropped in temperature setting up great conditions for the introductory runs for 2011. Remember the largest strongest fish are usually caught in the next few weeks so be sure not to miss your chance.

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Generally angling is still fairly hard going for most and that includes me , but just occasionally I get lucky and can produce some great fish for one lucky angler. I had the pleasure of sharing a very exciting day last Sunday with Mark Clipper, a surgeon from America. Mark is a fairly confident angler on the smaller rivers of the states but had not really had to use long casting in any of his fishing but he adapted very quickly and looked pretty sharp.  Mark is left handed and I had some lovely little spots which would benefit him and should not have seen to much attention especially from the common right hand angler.

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Mark broke a few personal records on this special day with every fish bar one being bigger than anything he had ever caught before. Mark was also lucky enough to find this perfect little brownie actively feeding behind a boulder and hooked and landed him on a small hare and copper, again a personal best fish of 20 inches and his first ever brownie.  A perfect day was in the making after having landed 4 fish before lunch which was good going at a tough time of year but just to top the day off and tick another fish of the to do list he pulled a good rainbow from some pocket water while throwing the Cicada around. There are not too many fish hitting the surface at the moment but if you get a sunny day and fish in shallow water you may just get lucky to get one looking to the surface.

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We had a great day on the water and already Mark had re booked for two weeks time so lets hope a spawning run will come through for him to really drum home New Zealand is the home of big trout and dreams.

Three days later I was guiding Derrek from Auckland who is a very good angler which wanted to be shown the changes to the Tongariro from the last flood as to be ready for the winter runs. After having such a good day with Mark my confidence was high nad backed myself on showing another client a good day on the river with some nice trout. Derrek also wanted to catch his first Tongariro brownie so with that in mind we hammered all my usual main brown trout supplying pools with no action not even a smell of a trout let alone a brown trout. We fished hard all over the river and managed to land one fairly good rainbow for an 11 hr day. We did hook 4 fish in total but apparently I use blunt hooks and that was the reason they escaped, lol. I’m sorry mate we tried hard and your a great fisherman the gods just weren’t on our side were they, that’s fishing for you.

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On our travels down river at the bottom of Graces Rd I was disappointed to find this POISON sign posted high in an obvious tree. What they are trying to poison or why I’m not sure! The bait has been nailed to trees at about shin level in plastic containers, perfect height for Rock or Boof to lick or eat. This is hardly giving our visitors the clean, green image effect and I feel sure there are alternative ways to catch and kill rats, stoats, possums etc. This following the images of cattle in the river from a local farm posted on TRM’s website last week is disappointing to anglers and the community which respect and love the Tongariro water way.

Anyway on a more positive note our wilderness warrior Didymo Dave is now involved on the social net working sight Facebook. He is looking for friends to join him and keep updated on all the work and public work which is going on around the Taupo area to keep it a special weed, pest free area. Some really interesting topics will be popping up on his sight with photo’s and comments so be sure to become his friend and keep up with the topics. Didymo Dave. This could also be a good way for Dave to find a new gril friend!??

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