Hi again

Most rivers in Taupo at the moment remain very low and clear due to some very good weather which has blessed us for some weeks now. I would actually like to see a good flood before winter hits to really wash out silt, slime and loose snags left behind from the big flood in January. A good flood now will really set up some good holding water in rivers such as the Tongariro and probably start the first few runs of trout to move in.

Generally things are still pretty slow on most rivers in Taupo but as usual the best will be the Tongariro for most anglers. I guided here all day yesterday and managed a couple of good fish one being a pretty good brownie from the Stag pool. As my clients had fished for two days with no hook ups  so landing two was a bloody good day for them. We saw lots and lots of trout in hard to fish pools and places which kept the beginner fisherman interested, great to see young enthusiasm like I once had. Unless you can cast a leader of 15feet with  a large bomb and split shot your fly simply wont get down to some of these fish which are hanging in the deeper pools such as Admirals, Hydro or Kamahi. Angling pressure is next to nothing at the moment so moving through pools and fishing your favourite runs all day can be done with no hassles, very different to what it will be like in six weeks time.

I had a odd request the other day from a young fella from Aus which itinerary was very full with sky diving, bungy jumping, jet boating and a little bit of fishing all in the same day. I usually only run half day or full day adventures but took on the request of two hours on a river close to Taupo, the Waytoohardanui. I had my doubts if we would even get through three or four pools let alone catch a trout or learn anything about casting or the river but we tried our best anyway and proved that sometimes luck is on your side. Andrew had never cast a fly before but managed to hook into and land an impressive brown from the Cliff Pool on a bright orange glo bug which set up his adrenalin filled day. That’s fishing guys sometimes it works out very well other days you don’t even look like getting lucky-well done Andrew.

Just a quick report today guys but more to follow-Tight Lines

Andrew Christmas