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We have all had some great rain in the last week or so which should have been enough to cool things of in the river but also move through some fresh fish into the main spawning rivers. I’m sure it would have moved through some smaller browns which are slowly becoming an all year round thing now. Angling pressure is low on most waterways still so there is plenty of pools to get through at your own pace. Anglers are generally finding things tough at times but there seems to be a select few with great skills which seem to always get some really good fish despite difficult conditions. I’m glad these guys are fishing despite the conditions as it shows everyone else that there are some fantastic fish getting caught in recent weeks and this years spawning should be encouraging for the fishery.

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Ten days ago, which seems like a life time ago now I ventured up the coast for a few days rest with Julie at our friends motel Paul and Tash. They run a great little business in Tairua called the Blue Water Motel and enjoy the kicked back beach life which many of us wish to have. Heading to the coast really lets me let go and forget about work and the little things in life which doesn’t really matter and the week we had this time round was just amazing.

Fishing was on my mind just for something a little different with a little diving thrown in just for good measure and with some great weather on the map I was getting a little excited. With most coastal waters still warm there were going to be plenty of fish in close including Snapper, Trevely, Kahwai and the elusive Kingfish. Striped Marlin were still getting caught out deep so that is usually a good indication that the warm currents which bring bait fish are still hanging about.

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We fished every day in some capacity catching nice little pannies, unwanted eels and some huge Kahwai which were thrown back as by catch as we were doing so well with the good eating fish. It was  a bit weird using 15 kilo running line with 50lb shock leader stray lining huge pilchards and was a far cry from threading 6lb flurocarbon through size #16 nymphs. Fishing is fishing and I know where my main love for fishing lies but I also love catching anything with fins, is it the love for catching fish or the love for being in the environment and sharing experiences with friends?

Prior to heading to the coast Paul had arranged a fishing trip with a local operator out on his new Senator launch which I was really looking forward to. Epic adventures specializes in catching plenty of King fish and is by far the best and most experienced in the area. With perfect conditions we headed out to get our live baits at first light as they are perfect bait for big kingies and rarely get refused if dropped into the right depth of water or pinacle. These guys have such a perfect record with catching heaps of fish including Snapper, Puka, Marlin, Trev’s and many more great eating fish I knew it would not be long before the first reel started to scream.

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Karl found his most productive mark and told us exactly how deep to run our scared little baits at and it was only a matter of seconds before the first Kingfish was pulling 37kg of the spool at an alarming rate. Keeping them of the reef is the key and once you get them away from any structure things should run pretty straight forward but man it is hard work. I have caught Blue fin and Yellow fin tuna and these dont even compare to the power of the King fish and it’s ability to never give up.

Everyone on the boat caught Kingfish with Julie doing the best in my books landing 6 good fish over 15kilo’s. I was a little worried about her as a couple of days earlier she was struggling landing the Kahwai let alone a fish ten times the size and much much stronger but she did great and did’nt give up. My best fish weighed just over 20kilo’s and is now taking up most of the freezer long with some lovely looking snapper fillets. I think I speak for all of us when I say my arms were sore for three days after fighting these fish and even the most simple tasks were quite hard. If you want a fantastic 5 star day out on the sea with a truely professional operator give Epic Adventures a call and speak with Karl as it is great value for money and one of the best days fishing out of New Zealand you will find. You just have to watch where those seagulls land hey Julz!!

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I have had a great couple of days in the backcountry so will touch base with those in the next blog.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas