Hi guys,

The opening weekend of duck shooting has finished and a few less birds will be landing on your waterways I’m sure. The weather was so terrible on Saturday I really did not venture far from the hide let alone look out the opening to see if any crazy ducks were flying about but all in all we had another great boys weekend. Duck numbers were most definitely down for most hunters on previous years but in my experience one does not need many ducks in their bag to satisfy the annual craving.

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With all the rain we have had anglers should have seen a few more trout pushing up rivers and can still be considered as early spawners. As they are only being found in small numbers I can only think we have still not had a real good first run as yet in any of the local rivers in Taupo. Fish that have been caught in the Waitahanui, Hine and Tongariro have been fine specimens and are good indicators of the condition of most trout at the moment. I was out guiding this morning and considered myself lucky when my client landed one really good 3lb hen from the Judges Pool on the Tongariro, not many anglers are catching many more than this in any given pool.

A few good browns keep showing up in all the usual places in both the Tongariro and Waitahanui but these surely must slow up any day now and finally stop pushing through-it has been  another stella year for these awesome trout. Some massive browns have been caught and lost in the past 6 months and one gets the feeling that our fishery may slowly become famous once again for not only wild rainbows but some of the largest wild brown trout in the world.

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As you can see from the picture above one of my very good regular clients wonders why we struggle some days when we seem to spend more time in the trees and not in the river, you know who you are.   The backcountry continues to be impressive when conditions allow and anglers will do very well if they can pick the best weather to hit these more remote areas. There are not many anglers on any of the water ways at the moment so the chances of having big sections to yourself is pretty good. After a long summer these trout are in wonderful condition so get in before the nz season shutts for spawning and make the most of  these fat trout.

Be lucky