Hey guys,

I feel we may have hit turning point today with the latest spell of bad weather which has pushed water levels up in most Taupo rivers and finally in return pushed some good fish into most systems. The difference with this spell of bad weather is that some cold conditions have followed which is the key ingredient to get these fish moving.

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I fished the Tongariro today while it was flowing at 36 cumecs which in my mind is just perfect as it still has some wonderful colour and has dropped enough to be safe and wadeable. I was guiding regular clients Phil Norman and his uncle Phil who live in Australia which make the trip 3 or 4 times per year. Unfortunately this time they have struggled as have many other anglers but with perfect conditions and my local knowledge they managed to get some awesome trout into the smoker just in time to take home.

All trout today were in fairly good condition with the best being the hen fish which were silver and fat and obviously just pushed into the river. The jacks were slightly coloured up and I would assume that they may have been in the river for sometime waiting for these hens to turn up and start their spawning run. We fished heavy weighted nymphs with orange glo bugs most of the day only switching to natural patterns in shallower faster runs. Adapt to those winter rigs now guys as the winter fishing is very much upon us.

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I watched another angler enjoying some great fishing in the same area today but was surprised to see him land  a very good silver brownie-they are still moving up this is amazing! I am pretty excited at the moment for the prospects of this winters fishing and totally recommend you fisho’s start to make the time to enjoy some fantastic fishing which we have all been waiting  so long for. There were  a few anglers about this weekend but still not a lot for the famous winter spawning runs. Watch the weather this week and time your trip perfectly.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas