Hey guys,

I have spent 4 of the last 5 days chasing fish about the mighty Tongariro with various clients but it does seem that it is a case of being “Johnny on the spot” to do well and catch the majority of the trout running through. I fished on Sunday and Monday and we had great fun with plenty of fish from only a small part of the river so obviously we hit it right and reaped the benefits. As the weather become clearer the river level dropped and so did the amount of fish being hooked and the last couple of days could be described as average with only a few fish caught both days.

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I have had the pleasure of guiding regular client Herve for the last two days which is always a fun filled experience with plenty of interesting conversations and laughs in between hunting trout. Herve is a French man with a huge launch which he guides from in Vanuatu chasing Blue Marlin on fly so when he broke the flies of from a trout on the strike the other day it did not surprise me although he still tried to blame me and my knots! We moved all over the river fairly quickly only concentrating on pools which we were getting hook up’s in and obviously in pursuit of the group of fish which went through last weekend. The silver bullets which entertained anglers last weekend must have moved through quickly as we could only hook into 8 on the first day and 5 on the second. Some anglers would consider those good results but when guiding good anglers I like to have a few more on the board.

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Again we managed to land three good brownies from the middle reaches one of which was silver and fat and had not yet spawned which is just amazing for this time of year. I was able to spot several good browns both days and heard of others being caught so there are still good numbers if you hunt in the right places. When Herve said he would like the chance of catching one of these famous brownies I knew there was only one place to target them and if you have been reading my reports for the last 4 years you will know exactly where to go-all three browns were taken from this pool.

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I have swapped and changed flies a thousand times in the past two days but have taken most fish on natural patterns like green caddis or prince nymphs. The glo bugs were working well earlier in the week with the milky water conditions but as things have cleared naturals are doing the damage. Don’t forget to make sure that you always have the correct leader length for the water you are fishing as if this is to short it wont matter how good your fly selection is.

Be lucky