The world of fashion or the cat walk rarely colide with  fly fishing especially here in New Zealand but now with similar interests fly tyers are now locking horns with celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, Ke$ha and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

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It seems it is the new fashion craze to have a piece of glossy plumage woven into your mane instead of foils which change your hair permanently. Hackle feathers from specially bred chickens and roosters have been in high demand over the world especially in the US after celebrities are pushing it to be the in thing to do. Obviously this has had a roll on effect to world wide stocks of certain feathers which is leaving fly tyers up in arms.

A prized hackle from the back or “saddle” of  a rooster that previously sold for US$60 is worth over US $600 to stylists who can charge US $50 to attach a single wisp of plumage to a clients hair. Salon owners have been contacting angling shops in the uk in hope that some of the prized feathers are left in some tackle stores as it is a natural product which has no way of speeding up the growing process. It wont be long and keen anglers of NZ may be getting calls from California in hope that they may raid your feather and fur box.

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There is one particular hackle which is more in demand than others and that is the grizzly hackle, a feather with jagged cream and grey pattern dyed turquoise so if you have a cape which looks like this it may be worth throwing it on one of the websites!! I wouldn’t be tying Para Adam’s or any other small drys with a cape which could be worth thousands!

I never thought I would read anything like this let alone put it on my website but I wonder how long it will last when they realize that the feathers actually come from the cape of a dead chicken or rooster which is bred for the purpose to be killed for its feathers?

Night fishing the river mouths of Lake Taupo has once again picked up with full moon becoming smaller every night and the colder conditions upon us. The Hine and Waitahanui have produced some lovely trout on the change of light so there should be the odd fish pushing up those rivers most nights. The Tongariro has new fish in the system most days now but not in big numbers which is making finding them hard for most anglers. The quality of trout we are seeing is very good and well up on last season which is exciting for the fishery.

Angling pressure is still low here in Taupo and if it is solitude you want on the river than this is one of the last chances you will get I think, so get up quick before the next spell of bad weather and before the crowds follow.

Be lucky