Hi guys,

Finally today I was able to get out on the Tongariro today for a few hours which was good fun despite the windy conditions which got worse as the day went on and in the end sent me home early. Casting conditions with the wind was tough but the water conditions were perfect following the high water from the latest decent flood. The Tongariro has the best looking water out of the rivers at the moment with the TT still very high and the Hine still mud dirty but dropping daily.

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Local reports have been flocking in with the best report coming from the Hine on Wednesday while the worst of the weather was upon us. All anglers which fished Wednesday in the rain caught their limits very quickly with some fish pushing 7lb which is good news. This piece of good luck was short lived as it was high and fishable on Thursday morning and has not fired since. This river is usually the first gem of Taupo to fire with some of the best fish the fishery has to offer, so watch this water this next week.

The locals have been giving the Waitahanui a fair bit of attention especially when strong winds are pounding the river mouth but I have not seen nor heard of any fish coming out of here. I fished the mouth the other evening with 8 other anglers and was one of the lucky ones to take a fish which was about 3lb. Fish numbers have been low here and fish size has not been great but with colder conditions and rougher weather patterns on the way I’m sure things will pick up.

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After 3 hours fishing today between the Stag pool and the Cattle Rustlers I managed to land 5 trout which 2 were browns and 3 rainbows. All trout snatched Green Caddis nymphs in a #14 olive colour and were mostly found in the slack water of any given pool. I was not surprised to catch another two browns as these fish seem to keep coming after every flood which is just amazing. The browns were not huge but as always in good condition and  on their way up river to spawn which is traditionally very late now. The rainbows were all hens and had soft stomachs with eggs so all fish today were returned to do their business. The river is looking good with levels high and rocks free of any slime which is making wading steady in water which is safe to do so in. I am strong in the water and can cross the Stag pool most of the time but today it was pretty tough going so I’d be giving it a few days to settle down if you are thinking of fishing this pool by yourself.

There were a few anglers out today but as usual fishing areas which are hard in high conditions. Anglers should be exploring the edges and nymphing the side of the current not the main runs which you may be used to -fish simply wont be sitting in there or your fly will not get down quick enough. I caught 5 fish in 3 hours which I consider pretty good going so there are fish in the river but you need to cover plenty of river and spend your time on water which is productive.

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Anglers which I have spoken to report that there are fish in most of the river especially from the braided section below the bridge up to the Fence pool. I would say there are plenty of trout in the lower section but anglers are just a little worried to go down there as it has drastically changed in the last couple of floods. Walking the tracks has become hard and getting drifts in pools which were productive has become hard as they are so jammed up with loose snags at the moment. Another good flood may be needed here to give the lower section a good flush out.

No pictures of trout today but just where I have been as it was getting just too hard to get the light right, stop the wind blowing or keep the fish still without killing it so you will have to take my word for it.

Get out there guys and give it a go.