Hi again,

Well just as I expected my old man has had me hard at work in the backyard building retaining walls, fences and paving path ways but all the hard work has been completed now and we can concentrate his remainder of his holiday on fishing. The old man’s a good bugger really and he is a great hand to have about the house while holidaying in New Zealand and after all his hard work we usually spend a week fishing most Taupo rivers. I even managed to get Dave Cade out to help break up some concrete and with his amazing guns he made short work of them-check out those guns!

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I was also lucky enough to have regular client and good friend Joe Twegg for a couple of days this week which has meant I can escape the grind of the shovel and hammer and hit the water. On both occasions we found the rivers to be very quiet with other anglers and could fish where we liked without being pressured. Conditions during the week were fairly average and the amount of fish hooked was also fairly light on but we managed to find a few by simply moving through pools quickly and switching the fly pattern every run. Everything seemed to be working in the end so I think it really is finding a trout which is willing to play the game. Still my go to flys will be Green Caddis, PT variants and small orange glo bugs.

Dad and I had a fun but very wet day on the river Friday and mananged 10 fish from the Tongariro and two very silver fish from the Hine on the way home. Fish were taken from the Cicada pool, Hydro and Cattle Rustlers all caught nymphing. The river really needs a good top up of silver trout as  the last ones to push through last week have now become dark and some may have even dropped eggs which have left them looking skinny. We have not really seen a decent run of rainbows yet so dont worry and start thinking you have missed out as that is not the case. With really warm conditions the fish are simply just going to be late, we have not had a good frost yet and their is very little snow on the mountain so sit tight as the cold weather is sure to come.

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Weekend anglers should be enjoying high water conditions on all taupo rivers apart from the Waitahanui a this river is spring fed and very rarely floods.  The Tongariro would have been fishable late Saturday afternoon and I am crossing all fingers and toes that it has pushed a few fish in to entertain anglers during the week. We have had plenty of rain so I’m sure it would have moved a few fish around despite not having the key ingredient “the cold”. Dad and I ventured down to the hine on Saturday morning first thing only to find it high and dirty so we had a few throws with 10 split shot and 5 tungsten beads on our leaders in the backwaters before retreating home for an early breaky. The Waitahanui car park was full of cars and the usual locals at the bridge so  it was obviously the only river fishable after such strong rain all day Friday.

Again on our travels though the Tongariro on Friday I again came across some really good browns but this time they were very spooky and I could not get any to take any fly I had in my collection. It’s great to still have these guys in our fishery and just maybe this current flood will push a few more up, surely there’s not many more to come. It is now getting very late for these guys to be in the river but I suppose while conditions are still warm and balmy we may see them for a few more weeks yet.

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I have been told we are going fishing again tommorow and may shoot the boat out to the delta to see whats hanging on the drop off  so here’s hoping for some settled weather. I’m sure we will also stop in the Tongariro to see if any have moved in-I’m betting they did!

Will report back soon as always.