Hi guys,

It was so nice to be a guide again and finally be able to be apart of smiling ,cheering enthusiastic anglers as reels screamed and rods buckled with silver bullets fighting hard in the shallow cold water. After quite a hard week last week with one of my favourite clients Joe it was very nice to leisurely put him onto fish in every single pool in the braided area. The trout were exactly where they should be and finally were in numbers which could be considered as a small fresh run. I must admit we were lucky to hit right and intercept them but after the flood last Saturday something had to creep up eventually.

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With good results on Monday I fished with Dad at first light on Tuesday in the same areas an had similar results. I was also pleased to see frost in some places sitting on the sand banks and actually felt my fingers throb with cold for the first time this season. This is the weather we need to encourage a stronger bigger run and to cool the river to the correct water temperture for those eggs to have a high survival rate.  Generally the fish were in good condition and were a good size which is sobering after the past years we have suffered, things are looking great.

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I was also involved with guiding three great guys on Tuesday and gave them a quick tiki tour around as much of the river as I could so they knew where they were going for the next day or two. These guys are quake victims and have lost their houses so it was nice tobe able to throw an afternoon of my time in to their life’s and maybe take their minds away from home for just a short while. God I wish had these guys as clients as they were all amazing fisherman and could really cover water quickly and hook fish in most pools. They were all doing their FFF casting thingy and I’m glad they never asked me to throw a line as they could really put me to shame in some of those tight casting areas. I will most certainly being taking them up on their offer of some salmon fishing this year and speaking at their club which is 180 members strong.

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On our tour about the river yesterday I spotted about 5 or 6 browns sitting hard in on some slack water but they were not really keen on feeding at all. There are still some average size browns heading up the river for spawning reasons especially after the high water which again is surprising considering the time of year. What is disappointing is seeing so many dead average sized browns on some websites killed by all sorts of anglers. I cant really understand the killing of fish of this size as they are not the best to eat and too small to be considered a NZ trophy wall mount. I hope seeing the anglers name on the website and fish laying on the bank is not an incentive to kill these amazing fish as I can tell you now they look much better being cradled for a scenic picture and quickly released. Anyway there’s my gripe for the week.

Anglers should continue to have good fishing over the next few days and with the colder conditions we will see the odd fish pushing through wether it is high water or not, we just need those welcome frosts to keep coming.

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