Hi guys,

Still fish are trickling through on most of our rivers after the weekends rain and high water but to be honest I expected a little more. Rivers did not rise to levels which were forecast but enough to notice a difference and indeed spurr a few fresh fish to the rivers. I see the Tongariro has again had a few browns moving and some great condition little rainbows but still not the runs we are waiting for.

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Warm conditions are still coming in with the northerly winds and it wont be till we get some decent frosts followed with rain and colder conditions that we will really see alot of trout. Things are noticeably cooler but we are very much a month behind so hold tight. I went for a quick walk up the Hine with Dad yesterday and managed two average fish which must have been in the river for sometime. It was nice to get up and check out the new pools and runs which have been developed over the past few floods and they look really good and will hold fish this winter when they arrive. I ventured down to the mouth of the river after we had finished and was shocked to see a fairly average looking rip which was running down the beach and shallow with the lake so high-not good to pull trout in!

On the other hand we have had some fantastic fishing in the Waitahanui picket fence over the past 4 mornings with good numbers of trout coming out fairly consistently. The condition of the trout are amazing with solid jacks and fat hens which are pulling a good length of line. I even caught another 5lb brownie yesterday in the slack water which is pretty late for down here. I am using dark flies until light and then swapping to the good old White Boobie which has been a go to fly for me for a long time now. A great social scene can be had down here with some real characters which eases the boredom between fish.

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With the lake level quite high it is hard to get out to the main lip of most river mouths but there is still hope in places like the Waimarino and Tauranga Taupo. Both these mouths are very productive and very deep so a little bit of time spent finding where the current is running can be productive. As I said the Hine is a mess and in my books not worth looking at just yet?

I am still itching to get out to the delta and see what is hanging in the deeper water waiting for the right moment to enter the Tongariro but good fishing is close to home for now.

Hope to see you there