Hi again,

Over the past few days a reasonable amount of anglers have turned up to most of the popular rivers and river mouths. It quite often makes me wonder how many read the websites as one part of the river will be crazy with anglers rushing to their favourite run or lie while another section will be empty of any action. In saying that I am much the same as anyone else and like to start the day out where I feel comfortable as the first hour usually gives me a good feel on what is in the river.

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The picket fence has been a good place to be over the past week but with the weekend warriors about this morning it was pretty much a waste of time. There were about 8 rods in the rip on Saturday morning at 5.05am all wading too deep and playing morse code with flashing headlamps while trying to light up lumo flies. All this action leaves the fish out on the far lip and you wont reach them with the average cast, therefore there were no fish taken all morning here. I have not used a lumo pattern all week as the moon has been bright which usually means a dark fly should work better.

I fished with Dad again on Friday morning first thing on the Tongrariro exploring through the broken water of the braids in front of Tongariro Lodge. Securing spot x was worth while as this lovely piece of water again produced three quite good fish quickly before moving along to the next holding hole. We caught 5 good fish very quickly down here by moving through the braids very fast and adopting the cast and step technique. When the river is busy and you know your water and you know where you want to fish this is an effective method of covering the water and achieving first lines through the best lies. Locals will always have the jump on guys which don’t get out very often and watching an angler which knows the braids can learn alot for free. I also pay attention to the methods that anglers use and especially the weight that  they are fishing certain pools or runs with. Quite often after anglers have finished in a pool I will go in behind with a totally different rig and most of the time more weight than they used and begin fishing which sometimes will produce results.

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After we hit the braids for a couple of hours we fished up river through the Stag and did not touch a fish between us which just displays that we have not had constant big numbers of trout pushing through yet. There are always numbers of trout first thing in the braids although I still feel it is not what it used to be with the blow out of the Honey Pot, Log Pool etc. When small numbers of fish are coming through the braids seem to be a great place to pick them off before they disperse in the bigger , stronger and more challenging water.

Speaking with the rafting company yesterday I was pleased to hear that already good numbers of fish are building in the upper river safely away from glo bugs and trolls under the bridge. I really am pleased that they are getting up high as it means hopefully they are going to have a good chance of re producing. It also demonstrates that fish are going through the river even when we are saying the fishing is quiet and the runs have not started yet!! 

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I cant wait again for 1st of December as this is when my raft fishing can begin in the upper section which is always fast and furious especially during December. I quite like the sound of late spawners as this will mean there are even better numbers in the upper river and the only way to access this at the moment is the use of the raft. I will be taking bookings for this day or overnight trip from this week so if you want to get in early at one of the best opportunity days be sure to make contact this week.

Some good colour was in most of the rivers heading north from the Tongariro with the TT looking perfect. There were also a carpark full of vehicles and again a report of tough fishing was had by most. This river has left me scratching my head over the past couple of seasons and I find it hard to fish these days. The Hine was also holding a reasonable amount of water with the same amount of punters parked by the bridge but I am unsure how this fished. I have most certainly seen a few more anglers over the past week so pressure is rising on the Taupo rivers.

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