Hi guys,

Hopefully just a quick report for you today so lets see how I go. First of all pictures below are of the best trout that I saw and heard of coming out of the Taupo fishery last season as you can see another huge brown trout. Dave Larner is the angler who fought this monster in a swollen Tongariro river on the 21st of June last year, fish weighing 13lb 6 ounces!! As you can see this trout was in full spawning colours with red dots scattered up it’s flanks displaying the strongest colours of spawning brownies. This in my opinion was  a very late fish to be spawning as the majority of fish would have been and gone by June but just as we are seeing this season our fishery is supporting some huge fish in good numbers and they could turn up at any day.

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I totally agree with Dave for bonking this guy on the nose as it was always going to be a fish of a life time and end up where it deserved to be proudly displayed an enjoyed on the wall. If we are to see these fish turning up more often we need to try and let those fish go which are in the 5-10lb bracket as these are the fish which will become double figure fish in only a couple of years. This season we saw far too many of these fish taken home for the smoker which is a waste of a good looking trout as rainbows are much nicer as a table fish. If we look after the browns in our fishery we will soon be sitting on a fishery which is not just a famous productive piece of water in the winter but a river which will yeild trophys even in the summer months.Imagaine sight fishing a trophy brown and taking him on a dry fly, it’s a reality if we look after what we have. Anglers which catch and kill one every now and again are fine to do so and so you should, but it’s sad seeing three dead browns laying in a bin at once.

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Anyways, this fish was caught wet lining in the Hydro pool when the river was running at about 45cumecs and took about 20 minutes to land. The Hydro is famous for big fish and over the years has produced some of the rivers biggest fish simply because anglers can get at them with the right gear. I have seen simillar fish in the lower river, Admirals , Stag and Cattle rustlers but landing fish in these areas or getting gear down to them can be significantly harder. I think most anglers which spend a few weekends on the river every summer will be able to tell me a story of seeing or hooking something of simillar size as this fish, so they are out there!.

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The river remains fairly quiet and guiding over the weekend was very hard while spending time with 4 guys. We landed one fish for the day which was caught near the Plank pool in front of tongariro lodge, two fish were hooked in here. I was not alone in finding it hard as this was the only fish I saw landed and while speaking with others they had not hooked nor seen any fish. It was a bleak day Sunday with snow on the lower mountains which added to a strong head wind which blew straight down the river making it hard for everyone. We have had some more snow in the past couple of days and things have become colder which is great and may encourage fish to start to move?? Rain is also forecast in the next day so with these elements lets hope something happens.

I spent a great morning fishing with Theresa, Glenn and Dad at the delta yesterday morning and watched everyone catch or hook multiple fish…..except me!  The conditions were lovely until lunch time and it was a pleasure to just chill out and slowly retrieve, glo bugs, white boobies and wooly buggers on a good drop off. Full marks are given to Theresa who caught fish and put on a lovely lunch between casting-thankyou so much. A couple of small but great conditioned jacks were taken home for smoking which will be great as they like so many fish this season had very orange flesh. I went for a quick little walk into the mouth of the river and saw a few smelt hanging in the edges and near cover so the food is definitely there.

Hope to see you on the river soon.