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Winter runs are now in full swing and most sessions on the rivers should be productive for the average angler. I will admit the Tongariro has slowed over the past couple of days but a few other smaller rivers have picked up the slack and made most outings memorable. Again I stress the importance of moving through the pools quickly as you will stumble upon fish which have not been fished at and will improve your results.

Of coarse it is easy for me to say move about alot and fish new water but it does help if you have done your homework on tracks and crossings etc. Those who spent the hours searching the Tongariro and doing hard days a few months ago will now be catching fish simply because they have done some homework.

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I fished at the Hine on Tuesday morning for 35 minutes and landed 4 very good fish in one pool or run. Once the pool went quiet and I thought I had fished it with varying glo bug patterns and weights I headed home to have a lovely coffee all by 8am. This river is very much shaping up like last year and be aware that the Hine out fished all other rivers last season. I have no idea when they will stop running but as they have just started moving quite well I think we can enjoy new fish into this river for at least the next month or so. I had a quick phone call tonight reporting that one lucky angler hooked into 15 fish in one lower river pool this morning which is amazing fishing in anyone’s books.

Yesterday I fished with Mike from Taupo for a half day and moved about all the best spots which I could think of which could be fished quick. I made sure we improved our chances by picking Mike up at 6am from Taupo which allowed us to fish the braids first.  The first run produced 4 or 5 fish so the plan was going well and Mike was surprised that it could be that easy. A few more anglers turned up at about 7 30 and started to sift through what water was left fresh but we did not see many fish or any come out so we counted ourselves lucky.

Mike and I marched on and fished some pocket water above the Hydro pool but this also produced nothing which started to ring bells for me as the should have been hanging somewhere close. With only a few hours up our sleeve and quite a few anglers on the river catching very few fish we packed up and headed back to the Hine which was a nice move. I mentioned in my last report the importance of being able to have knowledge on different rivers and this was a perfect example of it working. The first pool Mike fished produced three silver fish which all took a red glo bug fished under quite a bit of weight and a rod length of leader. We crept three pools up and pulled fish from most good looking runs which again is positive fishing. Being confident on more than one river is a huge advantage and could drastically change your fishing results. There are 5 or 6 rivers all very close to each other so it’s never a big issue to just up and go which is another huge benefit to the Taupo fishery.

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I know it’s not that easy to just go and get to know every river as it takes a huge amount of down time and patience as they are all fished slightly different and seem to change with every flood. Thats what guides are for and most good guides will have no problems switching rivers with you on any given day and teach you in a day what might take you weeks to learn!.

I have the next couple of days on the river with some real characters which are staying with Ross so I will look forward to the next blog which should have some good results and entertaining stories.

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