Hey guys,

The last few days on the river angling pressure has been fairly low but with overcast, rainy conditions and strong westerlies blowing into river mouths it should be a fairly busy weekend coming. We have received some fairly good rain overnight which has just pushed the river levels up slightly which might just be enough to encourage a burst of fish. We have all been waiting for it and we should all be well ready for it so lets hope for some following cold mornings and we should be away.

I have been lucky enough to guide the last few days and again have spent some time with some real good guys sharing many laughs and in some cases spills while crossing slightly deep pools! Fishing has been hard for us in general but still everyday we have found fish in small numbers by covering lots of water escaping the dreaded skunking. Derrick enjoyed best results with hooking 7 and landing four which meant he went back to Auckland with a limit bag for smoking.

I have been hitting the rivers very early the last few mornings and have found that it helps to get a fish in the bag. Prior to the rain we just received the Tongariro was very clear and the water was very bright most of the day so it was not surprising my best results have been in the morning while the light is still dull. Glo bugs have worked well while getting through all the main lies in the braids first thing in the morning but Green Caddis has been the best to use as a dropper nymph during the day.

I have recently reported that most of the brownies may have spawned by now and we should not see too many more of these wonderful fish this winter but……I was wrong. I managed to spot 6 or 8 big fish laying in the Hydro pool last weekend down stream from the spawning river which runs into the pool half way down. These browns were huge specimens and much bigger than the run of the mill brown we experience over summer months which are usually 6- 7 lb. I fished for these for about three hours in which I managed to scare all of them a few times with stumbly wading,slack line, poor fly selection or the long range dump cast, we can all do it! So they are still there but will be waiting for the right time to shoot up that creek and spawn, as I have the man flu I thought it was only fair that you guys use the rising river and overcast conditions to catch one of these trophies while defences are down. I have also seen browns in the Sand pool and as far up as the Fence pool so they are widespread and still in good numbers.

I spent the morning on the Hine this morning in the pouring rain with Tony and son Nelson which resulted in 5 fish hooked and two landed. We fished the water hard with glo bugs and naturals and picked most of our trout up above the bridge and as far up as the winter limit pool. We tried below the bridge in the usual holes but no fish were home or running the river in the rainy conditions which suprised me a little. All fish they caught were dark in colour and have been in the river for quite sometime so a good fresh will be welcome in here also.

We have had some mornings which have been totally frosted over and very , very cold starting at about -2. I am pretty keen on the river mouth fishing at the moment and have literally struggled to retrieve line it has been that cold but the effort has been rewarded most mornings with some good fish coming from most rips. After the last set of winds we had the mouth of Waitahanui has become shallow and wide with very little flow which has now made it the Waytoohardanui once again so hopefully over the next day or so with strong westerlies it may straighten this back up. There has been a break through with a certain fly which for some reason is taking fish from all the river mouths during the day or in the dark of the night. I wont describe the killer pattern as it is just too simple but if you want one stop into Taupo Rod’n Tackle next time you are passing and pick one up-it will make you smile!

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas