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Over the last few days fishing has continued to be pretty good in most rivers and we all should be very impressed with the late spawning season we are seeing right now. If one river is quiet one day you can beat the one down the road is going gangbusters and anglers will have a different story to yours. I am really impressed with fish numbers and generally the quality. The weekend which has just passed was absolutely crazy with keen fisho’s and the word is definitely out-wonder why!!

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I had the pleasure of spending a day on the Tongariro with Trevor, Peter and  Rob which had all made TRM their base camp for a few days away from the big smoke. Trevor and his Dad Crafty fish the river quite a bit but the others were just beginners and more interested in the after fishing drinks and football but they had a great go anyway. The early start paid off for us and the group had 3 fish on the bank from the braids by 7 30am. Anglers were out in force on Friday and noticing our success we were soon joined with 15 other guys in front of Tongariro Lodge-anyone would think there was no more of the river.The day was getting very clear and bright and with the fishing dropping of very quickly we decided to leave the rest to it and fish the upper river. If fishing  is going to be hard you may as well be fishing in nice water with amazing scenery and the upper river certainly boasts plenty of that and the guys which had not seen it were really taken back by it when comparing it to the Braids.

It was a long afternoon with plenty of jokes, laughs and annoying snags especially by Peter which I think must have chewed through 30 flies for the day. We caught no fish for the afternoon but with all anglers reporting similar success we counted ourselves lucky in the braids. The day was topped of beautifully when the most experienced fisherman of the group (Trevor) planted a nymph deep into his ear which remained deep in the cartilage for several hours. Trevor is a hard nut from Taranaki and gives the “Taranaki Hardcore” name a good run but with a nymph lodged in his ear it was amazing how quiet he soon became!!  A good day was had by all and by checking Ross’s reports the boys continued to have a good fishing trip away nailing a few more solid fish.

Again the Hine has been the place to be and I am finding it hard to drive past this river especially first thing in the morning. I was guiding Frank and Adrian which are from South Africa on Saturday morning and they were keen to catch some of our trout as they knew the football was probably not going to go their way that night. After quite  a hard day on the Tongariro the day before I was keen to start these guys fairly early and get them through a couple of my favourite pools which are producing. I picked them up at 6 15 from Waitahanui Lodge which was wide awake with anglers as it was their annual fishing comp so things just got harder. We hit the river in the dark and waited for sunrise and the plan was going well as no other anglers  had shown up just yet.

As I thought the fist drift through the fresh water proved to be valuable and Adrian was hanging onto his first angry rainbow which he soon had in the net and grinning with a new personal best fish-awesome. We continued to fish our short beat for the next two hours and had no real need to move on as we were pulling a fish every 10 minutes or so when a small pulse would come through. Although the pool is only about 3 metres long and looks like it wouldn’t hold too many trout the pressure the lower river was receiving from anglers was pushing scared fish straight up to us. With no pressure to move on from other anglers Adrian and Frank enjoyed landing about ten from the one run and were all smiles by tea break!! Ok, South Africa may have given our trout a flogging in the morning but the All Blacks got their own back that night eh! 

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We did wonder up river for a few pools but most of the river had severely been picked over and cars were still coming and going so after lunch we decided not to concentrate on catching fish but have a look at one of the most beautiful places to fish-the upper Waitahanui. I usually don’t guide on this water as I don’t know it as I should and would recommend that anyone interested should contact Shane French but we had caught our fish and with two amazing clients it would be a nice walk. We carried one rod between us not looking to fish as there seemed to be an angler on most corners and by this time I thought it would be well and truly picked over and any fish scared under the banks. The section from Blake Road up is so pretty it really could be one of those rivers you could think you had just taken a chopper into except for the anglers everywhere.

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About half way up the track we came up to a pool which I can actually fish and have done ok in occasionally and it was free and empty so I thought we may as well have a chuck in it. Adrian stripped  of a length of line and started flicking up river into this very easy but deep pool (I don’t even know the name of it). A group of anglers walked past and stopped for a chat reporting that they had fished here for an hour and hooked nothing in the upper section. They were keen to hear how we had got on in the Hine and were disgusted when Adrian hooked up right in front of them landing a nice silver fish. These guys probaly wished they had walked when they had the chance as Adrian continued to catch another three from the same hole using a very simple rig with split shot and  a glo bug. I was suprised to see how fresh the fish were considering they were quite high in the river.  With Adrian smiling like the cat that got the cream he gave the pool back to the boys which were gob smaked and we walked onto the Gordon Williams. These two guys had an amazing day which does’nt happen all that often but it just goes to show what can happen with a early start, open mind and the willingnes to learn-the perfect day for me.

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The options are endless at the moment guys so if you can make it up mid week make the trip, you wont regret it!!

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