Hi again

Things have slowed down over the last week or so in most Taupo rivers as days have been still and bright which has allowed most rivers to become very low and clear. The Tongariro is clear at the moment and angling can be hard here  if you only fish gentleman hours. I fished the Hine yesterday afternoon and did not touch a fish in very bright sunny conditions but nailed three fish in the first and only pool I fished at first light this morning. I have never seen the Hine so low and clear so some rain in the area would be great and should bring the spawning runs back just as strong as they were two weeks ago.

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Angling pressure has again be fairly high despite school holidays finishing which is generally a good thing as it shows that anglers have again gained some confidence in the fishery and what it can produce. Anglers which have done well in the past few days have been getting on the water very early and in most cases have finished fishing for the day by 9am. If you are up for the day and want more than two of hours of action I would suggest moving about very quickly or thinking outside the square as sometimes anglers can be like sheep and follow each other about especially in spots like the braids or Judges pools.

While the Tongariro has been crawling with fisherman all week the hine has again be left quiet and relatively free of anglers which has allowed me to get through my best pools first most mornings. Paul and I had a fish together early in the week which produced a few good trout all taken on glo bugs before 9am. The runs are small at the moment but most mornings the go to spots have had fish lined up in them. With the river being so low I would not be surprised if the fish are not just screaming through the river to the upper section which generally has deeper holding water and undercut banks to hide under in the bright conditions. We are due some sort of rain today and tomorrow but so far it has only eventuated to drizzle and dampness so lets hope for a little more.

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I have seen quite a number of keen anglers putting in time at the picket fence with the low wind conditions and frosty mornings but after speaking to one on the way home this morning they have all been wasting their time. I’m not sure why this mouth has not fished better in the last few weeks but maybe they are entering during the night as we have had some lovely dark nights lately.

I will be away from the computer for the next week or ten days so you will have to go without a report from me for a while unfortunately but I should have a interesting story or two when I return. Watch those water levels guys and don’t miss out on the next pulse of fish.  

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas