Hi guys,

Well I have just arrived back from the USA and look how I have been greeted. For the past week or so I have suffered 40c and sweated out all poisons and this morning I have woken to 2 inches of snow on my front door-thank god I got home. This weird weather has been the perfect storm with bitter cold conditions, chilling strong winds and some heavy rain which will have put trout into all Taupo rivers. These trout will be counted as fresh spawners and could well be the biggest runs this season. Don’t miss it!

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I was supposed to pick up a client from the mountain this morning for a two day booking fishing locally but unfortunatley there was no way of getting to him. We have scheduled for later in the week and I am crossing fingers that the weather lets us on the river as I think the Tongariro will be firing along with a few of the other smaller rivers. There were not many anglers braving the elements today but I’m sure the trout would have been there if you guys were keen and putting up with slippery rocks and throbbing fingers.

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Keep it simple for the next few days as they will be fresh run fish which will take bright glo bugs most of the day especially if the water colours up or rises. Always carry a wetline with a Woolly Bugger or Red Rabbit as this can be a deadly combination for deeper water or places which it’s hard to get your nymphs into.

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I have just spent the last week in Las Vegas and was able to see some amazing sights which many cant be shown on my innocent little fishing update. I was able to visit a fantastic outdoor store and was truly taken back by the size and selection of stuff that these stores can hold and offer. I could have purchased a wonderful Bass boat which would work well here , quad bike, rifle, handgun, many and any fly rod, clothing, lures, leaders, hats or I could simply enjoy a beer while browsing the store-Amazing. As I have not been fishing yet this will be a short report and may be a bit useless but enjoy a few new photo’s.

Tight lines